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Welcome, Welcome to Fusion Serious Roleplay, You have chosen to look at this thread.
Fusion Serious Roleplay is a Dark RP ( Yes DARK RP) Edit. We thought for a while…
And Said… Let’s make roleplay more fun, but with seriousness. So we made Police Force
and Government Applications. We also added a few more shipments, A Car Seller (Yes they can spawn them for money) & Builder Job. Here’s some of the new shipments we have added with
there prices added.

  • Flamethrower ( Can set things on fire, costs $100,000 a shipment )
  • Rocket Launcher ( Just like the ones from Half-Life 2, costs $75,000 a shipment )
  • P90 ( A new sub-machine gun, costs $20,000 a shipment )
  • Spy Knife ( Based from TF2, Uses the Counter-Strike Source knife, costs $27,350 a shipment due to you can go invisible with it )
  • Revolver ( The one from Half-Life 2, costs $13,500 a shipment )
  • Keypad Cracker ( Allows you to hack into keypads opening a door, costs $10,000 a shipment )
  • Your going to say " Adding more gun’s doesn’t make the roleplay/gamemode better * Well to be honest, we need a wide variety of guns, having the same weapon’s on each server get’s boring, and the high prices for shipments on the server is quite high, so it make’s people work for there money.

We also added:

  • Armour Suits ( costs $35,000 due to giving extra armour )
  • Jeep ( costs $50,000 due to it giving a big advantage in game )
  • Airboat ( costs $25,000 because of same reason above )
  • Builder Class
  • Car Seller Class
  • Guard Class

The Rules

  • No DMing this applies whenever an admin’s on or not, be aware, WE WILL CHECK LOGS!
  • No Racism, Sexism this includes in-game and on the forums.
  • Follow the NLR ( New Life Rule ) this means, If you die, you do not remember your past life, so don’t go of in a revenge spree or you will find yourself, banned.

These are the main rules.

Da Server

Server 1 - City Serious Roleplay


Server IP:



If you would like to apply for the Police Force goto - http://fusionroleplay.darkbb.com/police-service-force-f10/police-service-force-application-thread-t8.htm

If you would like to apply for the Government goto - http://fusionroleplay.darkbb.com/government-f11/government-application-thread-t13.htm

If you would like to apply for Physgun / Toolgun goto - http://fusionroleplay.darkbb.com/modifications-f6/


Thank you for reading through this, if you would like to go to our main forums please follow this link.

Mhm… What’s with the dash? And rating me dumb?

Why would you want cars on DTV2?

There is no space for them and hardly any distance to travel.

What is the point of all those kickin weapons if you can’t actually use them?

ah dam

ah dam

how are you meant to be a gangsta pimp if you can’t slap a ho?

We’re changing to evo, when the script is done.

Oh and I’m admin on there.

What does the script have to do with Downtown_V2 and Evo…

A lot.

No. It doesn’t. The script does not effect the map and I’ve seen DarkRP on evo and it worked fine - both script and community.

Shush darksoul69 he wants to look smart! :woof:

people who rated this guys server thing dumb need to watch there back on the streets

rexan0x nice description feels clean and well put together good luck in you’re en devours i will come and check it out now and again


nasty website sorry it just is >.>

Meh, the big weapons just add to the Minge-itude i think…

Adding more weapons and more DMing classes doesn’t make it better, It attracts more minges to play. I would recommend switching to Cakescript or Tacoscript for more serious roleplay.

Well ATM my friends server whom im a super admin on had CakeScript and it was so incredibly bugged we could barely use it, so were gonna just try modifying DarkRP alot and using ULX to create “flags” until somethin happens…


P90 has always been in DarkRP under the admin Real CS Weapons, only thing you really have to do is use a bit of LUA script to make it shipment-friendly, also the P90 is one of the SMGs in dark RP with the least recoil, highest rate of fire and it has a sniper like scope, if your server ever gets a noob admin who spawns weapons for everyone he/she meets, there ya go, utter mingefest…

Also, is there someone whos only life is to rate my and other posts dumb…

Anyway, i might come on the server sometime,as id like to see how its like before rnting off… though i still belive the big weapons are a bad idea.

This guy PM harassed the shit out of me.

Quote tree…

Most players in a month was 2. Seems fun!