Fussy's Small-ish Compilation of Favorites

Now, I wanna start with saying that I’m sorry if you can’t see any of the images (Uppix and Imageshack (only the last two)) but I can’t really bother with reuploading all of them on dropbox or similar.
I have made more images than these (they all suck IMO) and this is a compilation of my favorties after all.
Arranged by post dates from top to bottom (top latest, bottom oldest).

Please listen to this whilst looking at the images, I think it kinda fits:











You’re one of the best around here.

Very nice.

I love your lighting.

It’s aight.

i like the clearness in your pictures

The sharpness/lighting in the pic with the Imperial guards is amazing, very, very nice work

I really like some of these. That Neotokyo-esque one is great, especially the shading on the right guy’s head. Also like the muzzle flash on the AK in the rebel pic.

Sorry to be one of these guys, but mind telling me if those Combine soldiers in the 2nd to last pic are models or Photoshop/inflator hacks?

They are models from Taco ‘n’ Banana.

I would love to give you them but that image is around 2 years old.

I love you dude. You’re still one of my favorite posers around here. :love:

Cool pics man!

You’re a total bro. :love:

Always damn nice images


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jk, you’re good bro :h:

Night game next friday braaaaah. :3:


Nice pics.

what is the threating dude in the 4:th pic?

Neotokyo Jin-Rai Heavy.

tank yooo.

That tripple eye combine was a great idea