Future game ideas, please give input and add your own ideas!

I posted this before, but it didn’t get too much attention, I will try again while also adding some more ideas in, I would love to get some constructive criticisms on it (please no “this is stupid,” rather “this is impractical, because ”) All ideas are welcome here.

-Get rid of “modern” weapons. This one is floating around a ton, but I’ll put in my two cents as well; if there are going to be weapons that fire projectiles, chances are they will be very primitive. If we are to have any firearms, they should be basic shotguns and muskets.

-Ability to go prone. This one is also floating around, but I’ll add my reasoning: It should not be used for combat, but rather for newbies to hide from more experienced players, and on the other hand, giving players potential to get the drop on people. I don’t think it should have an effect on weapon use though

-Ability to “play dead,” another way for a newbie to potentially survive from hostile NPCs, though this one is debatable.

-Fishing as a new way to collect food (would require a fishing pole, with a crafting recipe of wood and cloth)

-Longer nights, with heavier spawns. Make the dark more fearsome; take risks for high rewards (loot)

-Hold less in the backpack, but allow a larger backpack to be crafted

-Make radiation more deadly, so that heavy rad zones cannot be explored without adequate protection. It seems to me that rad zones should be heavy, requiring heavier protection to get in. As things are, 500 rads is when you start to take damage, and radiation does not climb very quickly especially if you have pills. I think that radiation zones should be a huge risk, where very dangerous things spawn, and meant for more experienced players willing to take a risk. That being said, I think that radiation zones should have an outer layer of light radiation that serves as a warning, or some sort of marking as to where the zones are.

-Make mountains more difficult to climb. This is more for realism if nothing else.

-Weather cycles (Rain, snow, sleet, hail. Could have some effect on the world, but at very least adds to realism) This will include extreme weather conditions, such as flooding (possibility of drowning,) thunder storms (chance of instant electrocution death, if not inside,) Tornado or hurricane (potential of property damage on lighter structures,) and maybe even asteroid falling from the sky, or rarer occurrence of several (severe damage outside and some damage to structures, but can be mined for very rare minerals, or high levels of metal, stone, or sulfur. Would be a VERY rare occurrence.) (This is much better detailed in this thread (all credit to the thread creator, shout out for an excellent idea)

-Biome zones (mountain, grassland, plains, and whatever else can fit onto the island within reason) With each having separate resources to be found (such as not finding wood as often in the mountains, but rocks spawn more heavily.)

-New weapon: landmines, would be a nice way to protect your house, but make sure to watch where you plant them. It would help to ward off would-be raiders.

-Make water and thirst a factor. Should be able to fill up a (crafted) canteen for on the go limited usage (before refill) and make some foods have an impact on thirst.

-Zombies (or whatever enemies will be in the final build) should be able to destroy inhabited structures, would make them a bigger threat, even if it is a slow process

-Limited character customization including height, hair style, hair color, skin color and dick size (lol)

-Be able to craft a compass (using metal fragments and wood) to make navigation easier (No map though, makes it a little too easy)

-Add a basic flare gun, that can be fired off to get the attention of people nearby, to use in emergency or to aid in finding someone from a distance

-Fireworks. Yes, it sounds like a dumb idea, but think about it, wouldn’t it be kinda cool to set off some fireworks in the night sky? Could also have the dual purpose of working like the flare gun idea

-Slingshot as a low-tech weapon, maybe something that you spawn with, using stones as ammunition. Would give a newbie a fighting chance over a rock. It would be severely low damage, and somewhat inaccurate, but with good enough aim and a little luck, it could be a lifesaver.

-Add fog: this could go with weather, but it would add severely lower view distance, and make it much more dangerous to travel outside, but for those willing to risk it, better chance to collect resources and good time for newbies to take a risk and make a shelter.

-Ability for swimming and diving: diving leading to underwater cave systems, or finding rare loot on the seabed.

-Also add in a SCUBA suit (craftable and equipped as clothing, giving no protection against anything except allowing for heightened underwater breathing, for deeper exploring, and for longer periods of time.)

-Some sort of “money” system; a currency that can be used as a viable payment for trades other than just bartering

-Also perhaps a “vendor” NPC that comes around at times for trading, only accepting the currency as payment, easy way to get loot not normally found in the wasteland, or simply stock up on food when you cannot find animals to kill.

-Some sort of paint or spray paint, to tag your properties, or be a dickhead and tag other people’s properties. This would help to find your building and not get confused with the hundreds of lookalikes.

-Support for a clan or faction system, allowing multiple people to use doors, and disallow friendly fire between clan members (tentative, if we want betrayal to be a factor, this wouldn’t work as well but that even is a great idea on its own as well.)

-Add a highway system that leads deeper into the island (maybe have it be heavily irradiated, being able to find loot along the highway, or whatever else, also dangerous spawns discouraging walking instead of driving.)

-Some sort of ability to grow food and other goods (such as tobacco or weed, who doesn’t want a weed farm? Could also craft a joint with weed and paper, would be a nice way to utilize a smoke effect and a wacky screen effect.)

-I have also been thinking of some sort of “disease” system, where a character, when attacked by a wild animal, has a small chance of contracting something that causes an effect on them, such as slower movement speed, slow health loss, or lowered base health (such as 75 instead of 100) which can be cured through an antidote, and can be passed to other players on chance if they cross paths. It would add another element to survival and make it so that even experienced players get some challenge when they go out hunting.

Thanks for any input, guys! Also feel free to give your own input on ideas here! :smile:

Timer spawn protection for 1 minute… It’s so annoying to spawn and die in 1-2 seconds…

But what if when you’re getting raided and once you die and spawn again, you have this 1minute spawn protection.

My idea - the person who put the item (door, etc) can destroy that item much faster.
Seriously, it is annoying when you put a wall badly and you need c4 to remove it. Or when you want to change your wooden door to a metal door, which takes waaaay too long. Just an idea.

how about adding in a craftable forge, and instead of finding blueprints you could spend metal fragments to practice your forging and possibly learn a new recipe

A forge would be nicer than the furnace we have, but the possibility of learning a new recipe through using it seems a little impractical.

take gun crafting out completely, except for perhaps a makeshift rifle. Guns should be obtained from supply drops and ultra rare zombie spawns. Keep the number of guns in the game to a minimum.

Otherwise we’re playing a pvp fps game with wooden shacks… i’d like to see Rust remain a survival game.

I th

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I think that you should craft bows slingshots spears and some sort of primitive trap fr food or other players how can you make a ar15 or shotgun I think you should only be able to craft a musket or blackpowder shotgun all you get is one shot before you reload assault wepons should only be from supply drops

I like this idea, a single shot shotgun would be cool, but as for assault weapons, I feel they should be taken out completely, and be replaced with something simpler, like bolt action rifles, but if assault rifles have to stay, they should be extremely rare and found only in supply drops. I also think the 9mm should be replaced by a revolver that takes paper cartridges (using paper, gunpowder and metal fragments, like the really old revolvers.)

DIsabled when u select camp spawn… The random spawn… is random! The camp spawn nope…

No, it should be for camp spawn too, too many times I am in my house when the door gets C4’d, then I get killed, and if I camp respawn I die again.

that would allow you to grab a ton of your stuff and log out, which just isnt fair the the people raiding your house. if you can respawn, grab a gun, and fend them off, great, but you dont deserve a god buff for 60 seconds

This is a good point, I hadn’t thought of that.

All your ideas are great.

I would like to add one other idea that I think might be good to have. Lets say you have multiple storage boxes in your house. You can rig one with explosives so whenever someone tries to open it, it explodes…

The person who built it can remember or see it on screen when he tries to open it but other people (especially raiders) can’t see it. It just add another layer of protection.

It kinda comes under traps category but wanted to share this particular trap.

Oh god, that is absolutely brilliant, like a trap box loaded with explosives. It would definitely make raiders think twice about opening crates. It should be like a one time use box. In fact, any sort of house trap would be great, like a rigged shotgun by the door maybe.

If that was added in, people would be running around with huge shlongs XD

This is true, but that’s what’s so funny about it.

not really a big idea, but natural caves would be a nice addition

I dig the trap idea.

My thoughts -

  1. Keys that you can give your friends to access your house - oldie but goodie. If a person picks up your key, however, they have access to all of your doors if they know where you live. Risk/reward.
  2. Can no longer build anything on pre-existing buildings (the ones typically found in radiation zones).
  3. Pillars block ramps.
  4. More populated map - this one is less of an idea and more of an eventuality.
  5. Vehicles to go with the more populated map.

Tweaks - either tone up leather armor or tone down kevlar a bit. There is a massive jump in the level of protection between these two.

  • Destroy your own stuff faster (can destroy your own walls, doors, etc, with pickaxe/hatchet)

There was a thread about that on the forum a while ago, someone said that unity doesn’t allow caves. I don’t know if it’s necessarily true, but I would totally be for that, especially irradiated caves with lots of rock spawns and rare loot.

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I personally think kevlar should be totally taken out, it just doesn’t seem like it fits too well with the whole survival scene, the next jump up should be reinforced leather armor, which would be leather and maybe some metal fragments, or double/triple the leather requirement.