Future Game Ideas!

Me and my friend have been talking about things we would like to be implemented into rust and a something that could maybe be fixed. First the things we would maybe liek to see added:

  1. If a campfire is in a wooden home and the player has left it unattended also a bit of a distance away the surrounding area should slowly start to burn.

  2. A map or compass. The map would show vital landmarks that are popular with Rust players and roads. The compass will point in one direction (As thats what a compass does) and will help make it a bit easier for people to find friends.

  3. Another thing we would like to be added is assigning multiple people to one door. So for example, I place a door and then set permissions for two more friends to open it.

  4. Being able to destroy your own walls, pillars, doors etc. without the use of C4 as alot of new players will not have access to C4 quickly. But C4 can only be used on other bases.

Fix we would like to see:

  1. We have noticed that sometimes if the player walks into a tree the player seems to be able to walk inside the tree.

Thank you for reading this post. By the way I understand not all of you will like the ideas and some will.

  1. Not minecraft, so this would detract from the gameplay in its current state. For future endeavors, I could agree.

  2. No. There’s some ideas being slung about for player coordinates to group up with your friends, and that would be cool, but a map would just cause players to find the best spot on the map and camp it / cause nothing but grief. The idea of the world being so open without a map leaves you to explore and use the sun as your guide.

  3. Being talked about / in the works. Read their Trello and other useful links they’ve provided in numerous threads.

  4. Being talked about as well.


  1. They’re aware of this. Not sure if they’re attempting to fix or not. Speculated though that they are.