Hi here are some ideas i would like to see in the future and sorry if some of these have already been talked about.



  1. Radiation rain/ Acid rain/ Normal rain ( Have it so rain fall at random times and random areas over the whole of the map )
    1.1. Have random sky textures which also apply different lighting and weather conditions.

  2. Metal lockers/chests with passcodes
    2.1. Metal Lockers/ lockable chests will reduce the need for so many doors and can only be placed under a roof,
    They would be made in two parts ( ONE THE LOCKER/CHEST) ( TWO THE DOOR )
    2 C4 is required to blow the front of the locker/chest off ,
    Lockers/chests can be only be destroyed with melee weapons only when they ether have no doors or when the door is open.

  3. Rock building materials

  4. Concrete building materials

  5. Brick building materials

  6. The placer of a item like boxes, work benches even building materials should have a option to re-pick the item up. ( I know this is hard to do so what about like a undo button or some think so u can only back step )

  7. Reinforced steel doors 2x as strong as the normal steel door

  8. Add dehydration ( I’m sure this is already planned)

  9. Lanterns that would hang on walls to light the place up

  10. Add ceiling hatches or a door way that can be placed horizontal

  11. Add a L shaped stair case

  12. Add battery’s for flash lights

  13. add a window mounted spot light ( needs battery’s )

  14. add more melee weapons ( spears, swords, large axes, chainsaws.

  15. Add bunkers so you can build under ground

  16. Add a miners helmet with a light will also need battery’s

  17. freezing conditions at night suggested Big Baby Will ( Campfires are needed to keep your body temp above a safe level, Your body temp can drop when away from a campfire players with clothes on will loose body heat slower than a player without clothes, But for a player to regain full body temp a campfire is needed with or without clothes. ( Low body heat could be setup to apply damage to a player and also cripple a player )

  18. Rope lifts which can stretch over 3 floor levels, Pillars would be required before one can be placed.

  19. Auto arrow mountable turret ( they would work like door codes only the placer of the turret would be able to turn it off and on, Each player you wish the turret to not fire at would input a code similar to how door code work.

Balancing Ideas

  1. Weapons and tools should decay/ take wear when used so a item can only last so long before you need to make another.
  2. Guns should backfire when there almost decayed

Loot Ideas

These idea’s also stop town campers

  1. If zombies are removed maybe have it so loot is randomly spawned over the whole map so players have to go hunting for it.
  2. Towns loot should spawn less important items and should only respawn 2 times a day if above idea is in place
  3. I know the island is only a alpha map if there where beaches you could have loot wash up on the shore.
  4. When water is added maybe have floating loot.

AI Ideas

  1. AI humans which could replace zombies around towns, They could be native with arrows and spears.

Wide Life Ideas

  1. When water is added please also add crocodiles for some areas.
  2. Game needs birds or even just bird sounds.
  3. Bats at night could also aggressive

Just Ideas

  1. Have it so towns have a workbenches which always stays there
    More to come thanks.

Any one else with any other ideas please post keep this thread active.

Jonnymad i would like to know why my ideas are dumb?

If you build well, no need of these metal door.

On a metal building the doors are the weak point.

Not bad ideas, but it is unlikely we will be able to dig. Not without a complete overhaul of the terrain generator. Right now the landscape is static and cant be changed.

really good ideas! pls follow this suggest!
i would like to see a better pve action too.

Thanks guys.

Yer i did think the terrain may not support it.

I honestly love all of these ideas except for the gun locker one… not sure how that would work… and it doesn’t really fit in imo… first I’ve heard of acid raid which is a cool idea. Could even take it a step further and add freezing condition to where a campfire at night is almost a necessity.

I really have to disagree with loot distribution, the emphasis on towns is a good thing. The only thing in terms of loot distribution is that there needs to be a bigger map (which there will)

As far as i know, a Repair System is going to be implemented (Listed on the Trello).

Also, Zombies can be replaced with Custom Missions created by Users/Server Owners to gather Resources, being able to customize the Loot Spawned, something like Wasteland in ARMA.

as far as i could take from the Trello Art page they redo the Mesh-Rock Modell, why not make it to rescouce noades too but with very poor profit, something like the trees for wood? how sounds this idea?

There needs to be some type of locker or a lockable box it would reduce the need for so many doors as well. I like your freezing conditions i will add that one to the list :slight_smile: .

Towns are good but there unbalanced the reason being is people build around them so they take over them making it impossible for new players to use them, Random spawned loot would stop campers.

I found it funny how people troll on this forum they don’t bother saying why some of the ideas are dumb.

Lets see how many trolls rate this post as dumb !