Future Map/Mod Idea: The Lost World

I know that FacePunch won’t be working on an SDK until after they’re happy with where the game is at, but oh… if they do… I have big plans, my friends. Depending on how much we are allowed to work with, that is.

Me and a group of modders that I’ve been playing various games with for years plan on re-creating Isla Sorna from Jurassic Park. Complete with dinosaurs.

You read that right. Dinosaurs.

This game’s premise is BEAUTIFUL for this. Starting in with almost nothing, surviving in the wild… Imagine how much more exciting it would be if, instead of Wolves and Bears, you are contending with Velociraptors. And other, scarier (or less agressive) Dinosaurs.

Current plan is to try to accurately re-create the Island, from information obtained from the various Jurassic Park works that feature Isla Sorna. Once the map itself is done, we will begin to populate it with Dinosaurs. Lots of different kinds. They’re not going to be crawling all over the place, and though there will be dangers present like none other seen in Rust so far (T-Rex, anyone?) these things are not going to be so common that they are a constant worry. They’ll be there, but there will be plenty of ways to avoid these threats. (Stand still and it can’t see you…)

In addition to Dino’s, we have plans for several new gameplay additions that will make survival on the island more interesting. Plans for new firearms, new primitive Melee weapons, traps and snares, and electricity (Players will have to locate new Blueprints to learn how to make the parts to repair existing Geothermal Generators, this will effectively render the structure it powers “comfortable” on the inside and provide electric lighting). In addition, there will also be vehicles. Players will have to learn several blueprints to assemble Vehicle components, then one for the Vehicles themselves. Basically, similar to Jeeps that were seen in the movie.

Effectively, playing on a server running this map/mod would be like playing a whole different game. You have the same mechanics for building structures and surviving… but you also have access to the existing facilities (or what’s left of them) on the island, and you have a few more VERY real threats to contend with besides just your fellow players.

Quite a bold undertaking. I would very much like to see the final product. Very interested and I hope you follow through with it.

Before we can even start, we need more from Facepunch. For example, this will be impossible to pull off if we can’t patch a client as they connect to the server. I fully anticipate we won’t even be able to break ground on the project for many many months.

There r game called Stomping Land , maybe u want to check it out

If I remember correctly from a post a while back they don’t want their game being modified like that (IE. the dinosaurs)

Ill check it out once you finished it in about 7 years

Dinosaurs… are you for real? What’s wrong with normal (HUMAN) NPC’s instead of those weird things?
What’s next… aliens?

Alien mod wouldn’t be a bad idea either IMO.

Like somebody above me said - if you’re looking for a good survival dinosaur game, definitely check out The Stomping Land.

Not slated to be out any time soon, but when it is finally released, looks like it’ll be pretty fun.

More interested in making a good mod suite for Rust honestly. Once there’s a suitable SDK released. Which I don’t doubt that there will be eventually. They’ve already talked about supporting community made maps, and there are already teams working on Mod API’s. The only thing we really need is to be able to patch clients connecting to a server.