Future Of Gaming-PERP 3.0 U

Hello, Im JokerG2 and im a basic admin at a gaming community called future of gaming its a brand new community with a perp 3.0u server. This is a brand new server that is in need of some players currently it is working perfect and the server is fine just in the need of some players.

Today i have come here to advertise the server and post a video and some other things about the perp 3.0u server.

The Video is being upload right now.

But in the case of the server heres the run down. The server is PERP3.0U im a basic admin helping the owners out by advertiseing the server. It is a Serious rp server where it’s for people that actually like to roleplay and not be minges. The server will be adding Jobs/Cars/Guns/etc to provide a excellent Jaw-Dropping experience for the player. The owner’s would like to provide as much fun as the player could want.

The server has rules and the rules should be followed like always. I will post all the information needed below to join the server.

To join the server you need to go to our website www.fo-gaming.com and register from there you need to go to downloads and download our content pack for the server. If you dont have the map which is rp_evocity_v33x go here http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1079279-RP_EvoCity_v33x-and-vmf

After those two things are downloaded you need to install them. After done installing you are ready to play which i will post the ip below.

Website: www.fo-gaming.com

If you have any questions or concerns please add me on steam which i will post my steam name below.

Steam Name:Hotfireball

Thank you for looking at and have a nice day.

I give your server 3 weeks before it’s empty 24/7.
PERP3 isn’t the future of gaming, so it doesn’t fit in your community’s plan.

used to be called fuck off gaming

Brb, I’m going to check how serious this is…


“You have to be 14 to use mic”. lolwat

You also failed at the part when claiming that you should roleplay at all times is an IC rule.

Great way of making yourself look good and defending your cause…

I’m really getting sick of posts like this on Facepunch. If you don’t want to say anything optimistic then fuck off and leave the OP alone.

On topic if you add custom content to the server and keep the server updated with new features then the server should be able to hold it’s own users.

another fail perp “3” server…

there isnt even perp 3 … ppl are so stoopid!

VoltageGaming made some fixes and made a PERP 3.0, so yeah there is

You’re officially retarded.

I’m the retarded one? I’m not the one contradicting myself with my posts but okay


Pretty sure you don’t have to be optimistic to post on an internet forum.

And that is coming from you?


No such thing as Perp 3, it doesn’t change just because you edited one small thing on it.

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ok, now lets try a more mature response.

Bunch of fucking immature babies

Why yes it is?

Alright let me clarify something. Voltage Gaming used to be a community that was the ancestor of Pulsar Effect, but they died a few months ago. And they also updated PERP 2 into PERP 3.
And I’m pretty sure that this copy of PERP 3 isn’t legit.

PERP 3 wasn’t made by Hunts, so I wouldn’t call it PERP 3 in ANY way.

Sure sounds Jaw-dropping. 24/7 CDM, RDM, and drug growing. Just smell that air of the future!

try another gamemode,or edit Perp 3.0 and make it diffrenet RP Expeirence.
another map,like RP_California , add some features, good admins to make the server serious and to make the players respect the rules and make event.

add perma jobs for admins or players you want.

Reguler Perp 3.0 in Evocity v33x is too basic,there is too many server with this gamemode and that map.
its boring.

good luck with your Server. :slight_smile: