Future of GMOD 10

If this is in the wrong subforum, sorry, I don’t know exactly where this question fits.

I’m wondering, what will become of GMOD. Is it all going to be updated entirely to where it’s GMOD 13 or is it going to be abandoned like GMOD 9? With everyone abandoning the current GMOD and switching over to 13. I presume it’s the latter since Garry was urging us to get Beta Keys in the GMOD notice.

If it is the latter and someone doesn’t manage to have a beta key by the time 13 goes official, what do they do? Do they have to buy GMOD again? Or does it get sorted out? I’m asking for a friend, because I already managed to get a beta key already.

It’s going to be an update to the current gmod.

Fyi: its Gmod 12.

Gmod 12 is melted down into a fine carbon solution and mixed in a Gmod 13 mold, then the essence is extracted and stirred into a jelly-like substance to be shipped into the Steam pipes.

i really wish garry just wouldn’t touch it and fix the current problems instead of making a brand NEW game that has MANY MORE problems to solve before it doesn’t seem like its pre-alpha.

It isn’t a brand new game.

Uhhh. Garry is fixing the current problems, it isn’t a brand new game, and it has many less problems than the current version easily. Though as he is changing the Lua interface to make it more reliable, and encourage better coding, a lot of old, shitty addons are going to break.

It’s going to update Garry’s Mod on Steam (no 10 or 12 or that kind of b/s)
Same with GM11 to GM12

Gmod10 was a brand new game back then… Due to it going from f2p to p2p