Future of Rust Servers?

When rust is one day finished, or at a state where they are done experimenting with things what will happen to Rust servers? Will they become overloaded with buildings of players and become unplayable due to lag? Or will servers have to wipe every month or so and players be turned off at the fact that if they put in many hours of work it will all be removed soon? Let me know your thoughts or possible solutions to this topic.

Possible and planned: The game will be coded so it does not need to be wiped every month. I am pretty sure Garry said that was the plan. It seems very doable to me.

The intention is for servers to last for months between wipes, or not be force-wiped at all. However, to get there, there’s going to be a lot of lag and wipes while Rust gets built and improved.

I think that was the point of decay. Over time, abandoned structures will fall apart and disappear.

Personally, I like walking into a server and seeing tons of abandoned buildings. Gives me a good starting chance as a solo player.

Decay was added in to prevent the server from filling up with physics colliders and nobody being able to build until things get destroyed. Legacy had a particularly strict collider limit (65,535), and Unity 5 shouldn’t have a limit but there’s that surprise limit of ~262k in PhysX 3.3 that showed up, and so decay is back.

It was implemented after garry’s development server went from wipe to collider limit in 3 days, in the old legacy Unity webplayer plugin days. Manually wiping the server twice a week or more often was not a workable solution, so decay it was.