Future of the Game - Coming Developments? True or Rumors? From the Experiemental Branch?

Hello everyone,

I hope this is the right thread to post this. I have been hearing alot of information about future updates and development for the game. No, I do not mean about the updates that are on http://playrust.com/ . These are ideas and rumors that I have heard while playing rust and on the forums. Some of these ideas I have heard from so many people, I thought they were true. I recently started playing again after I took a break for a couple of months, new ideas/rumors of came up that contradicted the previous ones. I played on the experimental branch, they told me some ideas/rumors as well. Also, I noticed some features in the experimental branch that I was rather SHOCKED by, and if they were actual features and not just bugs, they would change the game SIGNIFICANTLY. I would just like to know if they are true or false, or where I can find more information. They are below…

-The overall goal of the development of Rust is to make the tools and weapons people will use and build will be more primitive. Some of these changes will include…
-Getting rid of the M4 and replacing it with a Rust AK-47
-Getting rid of some of the fire arms, or making them more difficult to craft/find. Forcing people to rely on other more primitive weapons.
-RAD enemies will be taken away. Not just the RAD Animals, but the entire idea of RAD enemies that attack players and drop special loot (like blue prints, research kit, etc) will be removed.

-Cutting Down Trees? When I was in the Experimental server, I noticed that when I would harvest wood from a tree, the would disappear after I harvested it. Does that mean that trees can be cut down? Is this limited to certain trees? How would they regrow? If that is the case, that would change the game quite a bit. Entire forests would be cut downs. Depending on the trees respawn rate, that would make wood more difficult to come by. Causing more competition and less buildings to be built (which can either be good or bad depending on your point of view). It would also destroy peoples hiding stops. It would also add a whole new element to the game where you see a once lush forest get cut down.

Cliffs can be mined? I may have misunderstood what a player said. One player said that “You can mine rocks now”. I am not sure if he/she was being sarcastic, wrong, or right. Did the player mean that a player could take a tool and hit the side of a cliff and find a chance to find materials?

-Nothing in the current game will be taken away. Only stuff will be added. do they mean the current version of RUST people are playing? Or overall as a whole?.

These are just some of the rumors/ideas I have heard that would like some clarification with.

If you have heard any rumors/ideas that you have heard and would like to know if they are true, you can post them here as well.

No the weapons are staying but getting a new mesh and texture as minh_le is doing them

i know rad areas are still in here is the reference from trello main


tree cutting i understand that they might be trying Speedtree
so probably full dynamic trees (being able to fell a tree)

i know Garry said he would like a voxel world as “caves give people hard on’s” or word to that effect. but no solid lead on that.

thats as far as i know anyway

Thanks you for the quick response. Much appreciated.

May I ask where you got the information from? What do you mean the ref?

It looks like it’s from the Trello, lots of good info there, but like everything else, it is subject to change. (Also there’s more than one Trello, I linked the main one.)

I’m assuming ref = reference.

Thanks. I am looking through it now, and getting lost. There is just so much information XD

Garry archived a load of stuff last week. i would like to be able to get back to that info.

The ONLY firearms assets known to exist in the branch so far are the Eola handcannon and the makeshift revolver within the game. Components of both have been imported but not yet complete nor implemented. Besides the rocket launcher, no other new firearm has been mentioned or modeled yet. The pistol icon is only for show and does nothing. You can now see the bow in 3rd person but not yet animated nor can you fire it yet.

Deforestation will be a thing, but how they respawn is not or settled yet within public developer talk (certainly on server reboot). I do know the trees currently in are only placeholders and will likely be replaced.

I can only assume they mean resource node rocks. They are in game, same as the originals, but do not yet give minerals/ores. They actually give chicken filets. JK! They give you wood supplies. No, really. Not joking.

Only things you can craft are campfires. Bows are on the list but the resources needed cannot be obtained just yet.

EDIT: No mention of 9MM, 250, shotgun, MP5 or M4: https://trello.com/c/c3qJ7gnG/75-weapon-animations

I really don’t like not being able to reference trello cards as they have been achieved, but Minh_le listed all the current modern firearms (p250 mp5 ect.) that are currently in Rust 1.0, and that Minh_le would be working on them. ( hoping someone can verify this as the Trello card is gone)

i am not sure but i think minh_le worked on counter strike weapons at some point.

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i found the reference here,

and you can look at archived cards. the menu on the right, i missed it as well found it yesterday when playing about on my trello page.


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Ok, I have heard from a couple of people that with the introduction of procedural maps, radtowns and premade towns are being removed. Is this true?

It’s still a little up in the air. The Trello says they’re messing with building generation as well but I don’t think any of us really know the details.

I know one of the original ideas for the game is that they want the players to build the towns and world but at the same time a few buildings would be nice as loot areas and points of interest.

Not sure if there will be towns like there are now, kind of sounded more like lone buildings scattered around. I guess we’ll have to see. There’s a Trello note about this, too.

Oh ok. Thanks. One of the reasons I was asking was I working up these concepts to replace the RAD animals. But I guess with the announcement of the monsters there is no point now XD

I am curious how procedural maps are going to be implemented. If it is a gradient system, the all the maps be random? Will the water be based on a general water level?

I am homing there will be more to the maps than just empty terrain. I would like there to be some stuff. I understand that adding towns would be very difficult, but small thing like a barn or a wrecked vehicle would be a nice touch.

They want to replace zombies with silly fantasy creatures. And they say dinosaurs were a stupid replacement… Reality check.

Don’t think “fantasy” like fairies and unicorns, think more like giants and epic beasts. It’s “fantasy”, yes, but not Disney.