Future Ready (Some dude on a hover board)

Future Ready




looks so happy :slight_smile:
but too bad the flame stuff all look the same which is unrealistic because its physically impossible

They were in-game. I couldn’t remove them. I didn’t think it looked THAT bad.

Nice lighting and hair edit. The texturing on the jeans is okay.

The face is so derp though.

In the future…everything is derp!

Reminds me of Quake 3.

Hey, as long as he doesn’t go over water he’ll be fine. I agree with Chesty on this one. The face is unnatural, and the lack of finger posing looks a little weird too. I know I don’t hold my hands like that when I’m trying to balance myself.

I wanted to make him look as cocky as possible. :v:

i lol’ed at the console spam at the upper right corner

I tried everything to get rid of that (in-game). I that spot healing thing in Photoshop and put the sun there.