Future Scrappy Update Idea

Now go easy on me, this is my first post here but I was genuinely mulling this over for about a week before I decided to post it.

I have searched and found nothing, so I hopefully havent double tapped someone elses idea - if I have let me know and I will happily remove this.

Anyway the idea… Modular cabin items for the scrap helicopter.

What? Yes, you read that right. Imagine being able to build modular parts for your scrappy to install -

Storage space
A para chord (yeah. Imagine parachuting out of a scrappy into a bases walls)
Gunner positions (then being able to provide airborne cover to your team)
A stretcher or 2 (would provide a something like 5 health/30 secs on it deal).

The possibilities are fairly endless and would introduce a whole new and epic dynamic to Rust.

Let me know your thoughts and additions. I am always open to it!