Future Stuff of a Dude in a Desert

I’ve had this picture in my folder for a year now, and frankly I just want it out.

So I don’t care what people really think, just as long as it’s off my chest.

It appears God doesn’t want me to post this, making the internet so damned slow…

Wow, Filesmelt is being a dick right now so I am going to have to use good ol’ imageshack… yippy.

Wow… No uploading sites are working correctly… what the hell… Maybe I should take a hint. :v:


I think I remember that the finger poser on that model sucks.

I’ll probably post a compensation thread which is more relevant to current ‘projects’

I love it.

That’s awesome

Clean. Lovely! :unsmith:

Not bad.


Get an epic feeling watching the pic. Nice work.

You’ve been waiting a year to post this? This has awesome written all over it.

I want that sword. It makes it look so bad ass. Lol


Nah I didn’t wait. I just conveniently forgot A LOT.