Future support for name changing in Rust?

So recently someone took my name on rust: Rainman, by changing the capitalisation to: RainMan. This really annoys me as I no longer feel individual in the game, and we share stats on http://playrust.net/. I was wondering if there will ever be an option to change your name on rust? Perhaps for a small fee? I have already sent a pm Garry, who hasn’t replied, and I also talked to Jackool, the owner of playrust.net, who said that they might be recoding the playrust.net website soon and may add support for capitalisation.

The name “RainMan” can also be regarded to as the infamous “The RainMan” that is a Pro LoL player. That could be your “originality” coming into play. :3

Honestly, I doubt it’s going to happen.

uhh…what? You do know that guy did not come up with the name right? Tens of thousands of people have that handle.

If 2 people have the same name in the game but different capitalization, that’s probably just for Alpha and will get fixed before release. Unless they plan to do some sort of ID system in which case names can be repeated like Starcraft.

Yeah, I realise my problem with the handle, I guess I will need to come up with another one, and find another key; probably doesn’t matter so much since this game is in alpha

Edit; cheers for the replies guys, thought I would get some trolling/nasty comments out of this one :slight_smile:

To pick a truly original name you should find a word that you do not hear on television, radio, online, movies and inside your group of friends or family. lol

Take for instance my name. Even if I google Sugabug I come up with something that has to do with kids or sweets. But in gaming I havent seen one other Sugabug. Being original isn’t easy for gaming names. We are all bound to meet up with someone who thought just like we did when choosing a name.
I’m pretty sure the Devs will fix this inside game later on. Especially for stats sake.

ive never seen another Cleversaur, and if you google Cleversaur you get a full page of me lol

Unique individual called Rainman?