future survival

this sort of plays out as a combination of spacebuild, stargate,stranded and rd/ls

basicly people use rd to mine stuff (tiberium, naqudah or whatever sci fi resource your into), they can link the storage into machines like weapon factorys (that only do certain kinds of ore, for example a staff weapon is naquadah only) ship part factorys and npc factorys, stargates are also buildable

instead of the tribes of the stranded you have races/alliances or something. npcs can also be in your alliance if you/your teammate made them. hopefully there will be some kind of settable peace/war/neutral thing going on for your npcs

like in stranded, players should have levels, but hopefully players can choose what perk they want each lvl
or maybe there could be levels for different things for example- getting tiberium poisoning often will help your immunity levels, and constant use of naquadah stuff may allow you to use weapons that require you to have the mineral in your bloodstream. repairing items will make future repairs better etc

please can someone make this