Future with Occulus Rift?

Hey Facepunch Sulli here.

I would like to ask if there is Future for an Occulus Rift implementation some day.
I mean you would be the first guys using This cool Controller for an MMO Survival Game.
It fits, in my oppinion.

I got one and always mentioned how Epic it would be to use it on rust

I’ve often thought this game would kick ass with a Rift type device. Being able to run and still scan the horizon for trouble would be great.

I’d never buy an Occulus though. Not now it’s a facebook IP.

Yeah man i totally agree they are definitely going to not make it a VR device, and make it exclusive to FB! They will probably overprice it too, yay blind hate

Yay, uneducated uninformed posters. :eyeroll:

Read this http://money.cnn.com/2014/10/02/technology/social/facebook-experiment/index.html

Facebook purposefully manipulated people’s newsfeeds, to influence some of them to be less happy and more depressed. Not even joking. This was all done without the users consent.

I’ll not even get into the NSA aspect of it, the above is waaaay reason enough. I don’t trust a company who without telling me will try running psychological experiments on me - and I especially won’t trust a device made by this company and strap it to my eyeballs.


What do Facebook’s unwise social experiments have to do with Luckey Palmer’s tech startup that’s now backed by unlimited funds?

We get it, you hate Facebook, join the crowd. That has practically nothing to do with Oculus, and nothing to do with Rust.

P.S. I hope you built your CPU yourself, because you can’t trust Intel or AMD to not have tampered with hardware to add NSA backdoors, if you’re going to carry that attitude.