Future WWI soldiers finishing off some Germans


Nice! Good gun effects also

The Svt-40 is clipping into the guys arm. Still artsy though.

Pointy elbow.

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The elbow is pointy :v:

-svt-40 is clipping through his arm, already stated obviously
-shitty muzzle flash that looks like it’s from a shotgun
-really bad blood splatter, and it looks white mixed with red also no entry wound would be that much blood from a bullet
-no exit splatter/wound
-german isn’t even looking at the british guy
-dude in the background has shit on his hands?
-germans hand is clipping into his hip/equipment
-shadows are ok
-jesus fucking christ that elbow

shit forget to mention that the entry wound doesn’t line up with the barrel

And his wrist would fly off at that angle.

ITT: Everybody’s mad.


elbows too pointy would not fuck

No it’s like CoD and bullets leave the barrel at stupid angles if they aren’t aiming down sights.

I’m assuming you’re talking about his right wrist, and that you assume it would fly off because of the caliber of the weapon. You’ve clearly never fired 7.62x54r before, or a weapon in general.

it sounds like you didn’t even bother reading thoroughly to what i wrote

it doesn’t matter if he’s aiming down the sights or not, the line of the barrel does not equal to the entry wound, the bullet would’ve gone through the top of his shoulder

What’s going on in this thread. :v:

I totally agree with what Jungle is saying, just errors on my part.

Wrong on both counts, and you clearly didn’t bother to look at the rest of his arm.