Futuristic alien soldier standing in an open area with an old gun

Yes, they ran out of materials to make the futuristic bullets, so they have to use old weapons!



I like it, good posing and editing. Could have used another map, though. Overall good work, mate-y.

My only complaint would be that no one holds their fingers like that, no biggie.

Am I the only one thinking the proportions are off?


Also the ID badge on his chest :v:

Uhm… Oh i know. He is a shapeshifter! He just assumed some soldiers look to get the uniform so he could pose like that!

i know you’re all about proving that construct and brown do indeed have legitimate uses, but this really isn’t the way to go about it duder :smith:


i do. perhaps not so exaggerated, but my fingers naturally curl like that when i relax my hands.

Is that what you mea-ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL…

So do I. Just not so exaggerated, like you just said.

Well yeah, I do realise that. But I find it improves a pose greatly if you finger pose hands that are just relaxed. Cuz the default are usually boring and can make or break a pic.


I know, this was all done in 3 minutes and 27 seconds. Yeah I timed it.

Buuut… Idk, imo it’s not a terrible picture. I’ve seen lots worse today. And I’m pretty sure if I spent some more time and efford on it, I could make a really good brown construct picture!


All of these proportions are fucked lol

Your head it is so tiny!

He’s not even holding the gun, it looks more like it’s floating/ about to be dropped out of his hand.

scenebuild of passchendaele would do it - too bad there’s no ww1 models worth a damn

He is about to drop it.

I find it funny when people (not just you Hairy) make up excuses when they receive criticism :v:

Lol, I’m just messing around. This wasn’t even supposed to be good. Just supposed to be good enough to not be repulsing, mostly to prove to rossmum that brown isn’t a horrible crime

You’re just proving his point :v:

It’s just a picture? Get over it. Brown, green, black, blue, yellow, pink, etc or not :v:

it’s brown.

I’ll take it as a compliment. Thank you :slight_smile:

but in this case it is

brown would’ve been acceptable in a dust/sandstorm, smoky indoor area, or (within limits) any given ww1 battlefield, but i’ve yet to see a single example of overlaying literally the entire image with a single tone of brown that even approaches decent

I guess that’s where you and I disagree. I don’t think brown has to come from a light source or any of the sorts. I think it can be used on an equal level as black and white. Purely to set the mood of the picture.