Futuristic Assault Rifle (first model, WiP)

This is my first model, a futuristic assault rifle. It’s still being worked on. Constructive criticism please.

Edit: I based the two different magazines off an experimental weapon.

Another Edit: Rounded off what I felt needed to be round.

Looks really nice for a first model.

Looks like the Pulse Rifle from AvP and the Battle Rifle from HL2 fucked and had a baby.

It’s decent for a first model, but it looks like you’re modeling in only two dimensions, and not three. Most of the model looks like you took a 2-d shape and extruded it outwards. There are no curved edges or anything, except the cylinder parts.
It needs more rounded edges and details, so it doesn’t look so flat.

Also remove one of the mags or add another barrel.

My first model was a block then I quit so this is good

That gave me an idea. I could turn the front grip into a shotgun attachment or add a second barrel for the higher caliber bullets in the rear magazine. I’ll get right on that.

Planned on that once the basic layout was finished.

I think it’s a gas cylinder, not a barrel.

You make me wana show everyone my grenade launcher model. Not sure if I have it though

Guess I gotta wait until my next computer animation class to grab the latest copies

I think Viral was talking about the fact that it has 2 mags but only one barrel.

Okay rounded some stuff off, the rest is going to stay the way it is (although details will be added onto them).

Still pretty cardboardish

Pulse rifle from AvP?

Since when was the pulse rifle in alien vs predator, it’s an aliens only weapon.

M41A Pulse Rifle, YOU of all people should know that.

And YES I know it’s not from AvP, but from the AvP universe dealie.

You need to start with something simple. That’s WAAAAY to complex for someone new to modelling

Very pretty. I’ll be using it when it’s done.

If you don’t mind, of course.

And a suggestion: To make it a bit more futuristic, some neat lights and shit would put it over the top just a teeny bit. I.E, the barrel could have some neat glowing lines on it, and the likes.

Also, like said before, it’s flat. I’d scratch this and redo it using plane modeling, you could get the thumb hole grip thingy much smoother and better that way as well as some extruding geometry easily.

Definitely add another barrel. World needs more double-barreled assault rifles.

Sexy model right der.

Naiz bump.