Futuristic Police harass an alien


Did someone say ‘tyranny’?

Little did they know that the alien they were messing with would rip them all apart and eat them starting with Mr. I-Like-To-Point-At-People.

Why do you count darn crogans as supermen? This crogan would die if he shows nay agression. He is a fat darn alien with a virus in his darn genotype, he has a big ugly head you can shoot at any time. Shepard and co. were raping any crogans they met and biotics was a larger treat then fat ugly idiots with shotguns that do not even know how to freakingly think and can’t ever defeat a darngiant monster on their planet, so they send two darn unknown random guys with Wrex to get rid of it. Those fatties destroyed the whole planet with their fat asses.


and for that I choose not to take you seriously like a dickhead.

Where can I get these Berrets?

For fucks sake, just say the word “damn”. Hell even “dang” is better.

Saying “darn” is just retarded


It’s a good concept, but I can’t help but feel the camera angle could be zoomed in on the two to add “drama.”