Futuristic Shooter Gamemode

Hey all.
I’m making a futuristic gamemode in the spirit of Mass Effect and other Sci-fi games/series.
It will hopefully have 2 or more teams.
A few classes for all the teams and the classes will have different weapons and abilities (think plasmids in bioshock)
I just started and I’m a total beginner at LUA. I’ve tried making a team select menu and if I get that working then I’ll continue onwards.
What I’d like to know is that does anyone want to help me?
This is an awful lot of stuff to do by myself, seeing as I am nothing but a mere beginner.
Which is why I thought I’d post here and ask for the guidance and partnership of you fine gentlemen and ladies of FP.
Atleast for me this will be a learning experience and I could learn alot if some talented fella helped me on this.
And if this turns out good, it might be expanded on.
Thank you for your time.

This sounds nearly the exact same to what I’m doing. http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=901649

Well, I suppose a little. But mine doesn’t have fancy rpg stuff and vehicles. Just mainly shooting at enemies. Good luck with yours though.