Futuristic soldier getting asskicked by a telekinetic guy

I couldn’t be assed to edit, might do it later. Yes I stole Dtmechs idea, he said it was okay.



Sword ‘n’ sorcery beats knife ‘n’ shotgun, LOOK IT UP.

With some better lighting this would be awesome to edit. The characters are just too dark to make it worthwhile though from my perspective.

I think it’d be way cooler if the magic dude was in perspective and the foreground blurred. Maybe that’s just me though.

Cool posing and camera angle anyways.

Could Defiantly use some better lighting but atleast the weapons somewhat sorta fit :v:

Can’t really Crit much else since it’s all ingame.

Overall it’s an Average to Nice picture.


Soup can nuuuuuuuuuu

Yeah that would be alot cooler, I’ll try that once I get home. As for the dark light, the sdof did that… I haven’t touched gmod for months but I asssumed garry just changed it.

I’ll take one and edit it with photoshop instead later on.

Yeah It was broken for a while which pissed a fuckton of people off, then they updated it with some shitty new one.

Original without sdof:


Well now that I can actually see.

The Bloom might have been too much so it’s probably a good thing sdof darkened it a little.

other then some Nitpicky things that’s about it.

Are those models still private?


Search blacklight on gmod.org if you want phonged version

I unphonged them here if you’d like.