Futuristic Soldiers Knock You on Your Ass, Look Imposing

Pretty generic again, but this is actually a frame from my latest comic and I thought it turned out nice, so decided to upload it alone. Again, just testing the in-game effects, and the only editing done in Photoshop is the vignette lens correction and border.

And yes, the guns look a little odd because they’re HUGE. Necessary for the comic though otherwise I would’ve gone with a smaller model haha.


Interesting concept, I think it could have been executed better but meh, have an art :v:

I thought so too, so I hopped on Photoshop with it for 5 minutes and got this. Looks nicer, imo, but I could still do better I think. Oh well, I’ll leave it with this and actually continue making the comic haha.


If by better you mean apply more filters, then no, you have to learn actual ways to make pictures better, because slapping filters on a picture is just cheap.

Try to keep away from filters, try taking your time :slight_smile: learn photoshop, I learn by goofin’ around on it.

Yeah I’ve learned a lot in Photoshop by screwin’ around, but I haven’t figured out a good way to manipulate lighting without filters, so I just stick with those for now. Probably should’ve done some dodge/burning and fiddled with the brightness/contrast/color levels a bit though, but I’ll leave it like that for now, at least until I finish the comic.

Leave photoshop alone until you can pose properly.


Pretty much this. Anyone who encourages him to use Photoshop at this point is a complete fucking moron.


I know how to pose alright, usually. Guess I didn’t do so well with this one, any pointers on to improve whatever’s off with the posing? Anyways, sorry if this screenshot didn’t turn out so hot, like I said I was just experimenting. My next one will be better anyways (hopefully), and I’ll stay away from filters. :wink:

I’d suggest not using such large guns.

I must say I do agree, try using these, if your going for futuristic.