Fuuka Kazamatsuri

Its pretty obvious nobody knows who this is, but I want to request her.
If anybody has free-time, I hope you can do this.


So much support.


From Disgaea 4? Played the Japanese version. As a certain wraithcat once said, not many people here have consoles, so theres a smaller interest in porting from consoles. Also, its on a PS3, and I haven’t seen much content from any PS3 games.

Not to mention she’s also a sprite. An actual model would need to be made from scratch.

Sorry, but this seems unlikely.

Whatever happened to the Etna and Flonne models?

I dunno, but I’ve got both of them (along with the Prinny) exported. Haven’t felt like porting them, because they don’t have any rigging (and I’m not that skillful when it comes to doing so). If anybody else wants to work on them, just let me know.

Judging by her hair n stuff you could just hack n model off of that Miku model.

If you ever get them ported, or anybody else does, messege me on them.