I don’t know the issue. Today I added a new file to a folder, then deleted it. I changed nothing else, and now when I join the server that I own (that I added the file to) it gives me an error that says ‘fviewport’ and another thing, it has ‘fview’ in it but I forgot.

If you want more details I can provide. Any help?

We need all the details. What file, what folder, what error EXACTLY.

I editted the model path of a weapon file. That’s it.

Server gamemode: clockwork new vegas

Are you sure fcompass.lua exists? Is it empty? Post first 10 lines of lua/autorun/fviewport.lua.

I found this command:

sv_kickerrornum 0

It stops people from getting kicked on first lua error. Any way to make it permanent instead of putting it in console every time the server starts up? (not sure what to put in server.cfg, even if it belongs there)


fcompass.lua does not exist in lua/autorun. Neither does fviewport.lua!