FYI, I am a spy. (My first attempt.)

This is my first attempt in making a gmod picture. Tips? Friendly criticism?
(Media tagged for somewhat large size)

I also don’t have photoshop.

use a tf2 map for tf2 poses

Put your game to highest settings before taking a screen shot, (That means anti-aliasing too).

I knew someone would say stuff like that, thanks for the tips! :smile:

But he is disguised as a spy so what would the point be of a spy telling an engineer that he’s a spy because he a spy but spying for the other team so he’s a spy spy spy.

Stop trying to divide by zero in a way some wouldn’t see it. Thanks!

Oh btw the spy mask isn’t a hat, I often mess around with model manipulator, and putting a spy ragdoll on a fast zombie puts the spy mask on him. Once I manged to have him spam the backstab animation, before I crashed.

If you knew someone would say it, why did you not do it?