I’ve had a few people asking about this so here’s the situation:

There is no Official Facepunch Server

Ahh thanks i was just about to think of something on why did i get on the banned list of the server… i only just joined and then i get banned.

Thanks for telling me this moderator

i thought someone had issues against me…

so there is no offical server thanks :smiley:

i bet i know who the owner of that room is/was… which used facepunch’s website to advertise a offical server which isnt offical or dedicated,i guess -=GRW=- Mac_Trekkie was commiting Fraud if my facts are correct

I bet it was the guy called -=GRW=- Mac_Trekkie (he’s the only one who has issues against me and would be the only noob to do it of course) (
Hes being a nuicence towards me and others thinking he owns the joint etc boss ppl around on the servers but i only stood up for the still annoyed by him.

Not yet, right?
You mods talked about a GMod RP server.

Ey what is this about

We need one. Maybe have it hosted from the new office.

Hell yeah FP needs one.
Would be awesome.

Mind if I ask what it will run on? DarkRP/whatever


16:58 - GMODLAU : Slob: “Yes there is:”

Possible fake server, it’s Slob after all.

It is, it spreads a LUA virus. Whatever you do, don’t join it.

You were right. There is NO official FPS server. After 5 seconds it bans you and you get hacked. Every place you go you cannot move and you spam random chairs. Just try that on NoxiousNet Zombie Survival. If it did work, you’d see chairs around you. :lol:

There are plans for a few servers but not facepunch ones.

Keep your eyes peeled.

i joined a server called : Official Garry Server. there were about 84 people on there i joined and get insta-banned, is this a ‘hoax’ server or is it genuine and people dont want random strangers joining?
because i had my hopes up :smiley:

The title of the thread is “FYI: There is no “OFFICIAL FACEPUNCH SERVER””, that should give it away :V

Any idea when that RP server will be up?

Like, in 3 weeks or 3 months/whatever?

There’s no plans for an RP server anymore. The guy who was arranging it got permabanned.

Wasn’t Nori just going to do the development? As in - someone else could always step in.

Im gonna join this server by purpose to try to figure out how it works, and how it can be patched by garry hopefully.


Seems like you download the slob2.mp3 file. then you get dropped with: Server shutting down. I havnet got in singleplayer yet so lets see whats happens in a second


That restart was probbably not supposed to be there. I think he just shut down to put in a even worse virus

Well… if you are serverowner download this:

To get rid of the spamming and ‘warn’ your players.

I think that Hezzy believes that it wasn’t worth the trouble.

I had three people with that virus come into my server, all in one day. As the second guy did it, I suspected virus.