FZE and Mythos' Badass Adventure: Chapter 2

Chapter One was badass on paper, this is badass in practice.

Right-click to view, maybe give 'em a second to load.

Well… what can I say?

It was badass.

Badassssss, nice job

I approve of this post.

yup bad ass , great work

Wouldn’t the air strike just blow the fridge and rejuvenate Mr. Zombie leader and his minions?

I smell a plothole.

Clearly you’ve never watched Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.

Refrigerators can withstand atomic blasts, as anyone who watched the movie knows, so of course an airstrike will leave it unscathed.

Okay, but that still doesn’t answer the minions. If what you too say is true, couldn’t they rise again due to heat anyway?

Plot hole? Or plot twist?


Anyway, I did come to that realization myself while making that comic, and I will say only that I have considered it. Whether that means I will write it off or write it in remains to be seen.

I’ve already provided a perfectly plausbile and realistic explanation (by George Lucas’s standards), I see no subsequent incongruencies whatsoever.

EDIT: Obviously, I completely skipped Striker’s reply by accident.
The minions… uhhh, I guess those were ice-cold missiles? Or, the George Lucas answer: MIDI-CHLORIANS!!!

How about… nights are cold in desert environments?

This one looks like a really good action comedy bla bla movie, really good!