Hello all,

I have written a program to automatically install 65 different non-svn addons. It prompts the user which addons to install and does it one by one.

It is very simple to operate and requires little to no experience with gmod and its directories. It runs with windows command via cmd.exe

Simply follow the on screen instructions and your set to go.

Although this program does not give the user the option of EVERY addon available, I might add more if there is the demand for it.

Also, the only reason it asks for your steam name is to enable multiple users on the same computer. So dont worry, its not malicious.

Get the Full Version here: http://www.PowerKrewServers.com/pksforums/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=1

Please let me know of any bugs you find.

*Make sure to run this program in the extracted folder. It requires wget.exe to operate.

Updates included in new release (11/30/09):

-Now remembers users, so no more repetitive typing.
-Now prompts at the end if user would like more addons installed.
-Has a tiny bit more color, lol.
-Hopefully more features on the way.

Updates included in new release (12/1/09):

-Now allows for custom gmod directories
-Remembers directory for next use

Updates included in new release (12/14/09):

-Rewrote source for improved efficiency and smaller overall size
-Allows for 15 more installations
-Install all function now 35% faster
-Dislays size of each addon
-Displays free space available
**Funding has been achieved, G-Addon is now FREE. Merry Fucking Xmas.
To those who have already purchased this program, I will be refunding your money within 48 hrs. I truly appreciate your support.
To all my pet trolls here on facepunch. Eat it.
And as always, if you want to contact me for any reason, post here: www.PowerKrewServers.com/pksforums
as I don’t even waste my time reading the responses here.
Fixed double addon directory errors.

This looks dangerous. the file is reported, and ask for steam name.
Yes, indeed, this is malicious

This is not malicious…FFS I thought I would be nice and release this and the first post is already hatin’

I don’t want anyone’s account, I made this and the others to help people.

Yeah sure…
spamming 3 of them that are almost the same doesn’t looks suspicious at all

He spammed three of them? No one would do that… I have a feeling its malicious.

I dont feel comfortable with this, provide proof and evidence for this that it is not malicious and I will consider it.

And I mean, youve uploaded 3 types of versions of these sort of things, all with the same description, for all we know, your just trying to spread a malicious program around with different names.

hes right power, not that posting it somewhere where it will be immidiately critsized helped. Either way the programs work great, g-clean is epecially usefull of speeding up my gmod after accumlulateing all that shit that clocgs the game up.
I would rateh these programs abbout 3.5/5, the console interface isn’t that great.
Also, woundly teh program also need your steam password to even atempt at screwing anything up?
And the programs eatch do a different thing.
The G-clean one jsut removes all addons and cache’s that build up
The G-addon then adds the most populer addons to you addon folder
ones liek phx3, wire, adv dupe, connas tool, all thouse extra constants gmod dosent com ewith, player factions, and a buch of other ones.
the g-svn just does the major svn updats and does the linking for you

tl;dr version:

This thread got trolled by the first posters, and this addon only asks for your steam name so it can get the PATH right. At least two other things do that for necessity of use concerning module installment, this is even less potentially harmfull in purpose.

At least he should tried not to make this like something malicious…

It has a hidden file.

Instead of the name it could ask the path anyways. If someone can’t understand how to designate a path for the instalation then why the hell he’s using steam?

Who is willing to make it auto detect the garrysmod folder!

This guy could made it But no! it ask steam username instead!

Why dont you just give up on this Ordnas, Just assume its viral. I don’t care if you don’t use it. It works and there are plenty of people that are using it. Find another thread to troll.

I will no longer waste my time responding to false accusations.

I do realize there can be improvements. That’s why its here.

I suppose I could have spent more time on each post, but i was coding all day yesterday and just wanted it done.

This and the other programs aren’t viral in any way. The hidden file is required to retrieve the addons.

So far, It seems like this community would rather flame someone that help them develop something.

Btw, this was over 4000 lines of code. If enough people complain about it, fine, Ill simply remove the programs from this site, and you can do without.

It worked well, but 4000 lines of code, wow, it seems so simple. Can we have sauce?

Get the fuck out. It didn’t ask for your goddamn password.

it’s just an alternative method. It could be simple that way. there is no need to flame.

If you think that the account name makes it so simple, you’re just retarded. If you’re so paranoid don’t use it.

I am just retarded for suggesting something… Yeah, pretty much you are right.


Hey PPowerhouseK.
I just want to apologize for thinking this was malicious.

Thanks for the unbreakable tool in that, I’ve been meaning to download it.