Hello all,

I have written a program to automatically cleans your Gmod Directory.

It is very simple to operate and requires little to no experience with gmod and its directories. It runs with windows command via cmd.exe

Simply follow the on screen instructions and your set to go.

This program will give you the option to clear(delete) the contents of your addons folder. It will also delete the cache, downloads, downloadLists, lua_temp and gamemodes files. Additionally it will remove any misplaced folders from your addons directory.

Also, the only reason it asks for your steam name is to enable multiple users on the same computer. So dont worry, its not malicious.

Get it here: http://www.PowerKrewServers.com/pksforums/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=3

Please let me know of any bugs you find.

*Make sure to run this program in the extracted folder.

Updates included in new release (11/30/09):

-Now remembers users, so no more repetitive typing.
-Now has the option for heavy or light cleaning.
-Has a tiny bit more color, lol.
-Hopefully more features on the way.

Updates included in new release (12/1/09):

-Now allows for custom gmod directories
-Remembers directory for next use

Updates included in new release (12/14/09):
-Rewrote source for improved efficiency and smaller overall size
-Cleans more thoroughly

Too bad it’s reported as a virus already

It’s not.


It’s reported as dangerous because the zip contains an exe file. Stop being such a twat and use the program he has gone to the trouble of making for ungrateful people like yourself.


Though, i just accidentally clicked Y on “delete addons” which is very inconvenient. Perhaps you could make that bit red, so you pay more attention to it :smiley:

Good thought. I will do this and include it in the next release.

Thanks, bit late for me though :3

This is very interesting, I’d like to slap this on garrysmod.com if I can get some legimitate proof of it being safe.

E: Got a question, though. When you say “clean the directory” what exactly do you mean? All files, a few select? A selected folder?

I did upload it there last night, along with the other 2 releases, however there’s no telling if it will stay there.
EDIT: Correction, I uploaded it to Garrysmod.org

This particular program will delete the following folders from your gmod directory:
Addons (optional)
And any of the following folders that happen to be inside of the addons folder itself:
If any of those were inside of the addons folder, they wouldn’t work anyhow, as most of you know.

Okay sorry about jumping to conclusions but it was reported as harmful and I was trying to warn people. Sorry again.

Do you mean garrysmod.org, the downloads site? I’m referring to garrysmod.com, the news site.

Oh, the directory itself and not the different folders?

Yes, my apologies I misread. I uploaded it to Garrysmod.org
EDIT: It WAS uploaded to Garrysmod.org, but now its no longer there. Just use the first link.

If I understand your question correctly, then yes it has specific commands to delete only those folders listed, and nothing else in or around the directories.

Talking about the main directory of the game, titled “garrysmod” and that only, but that’s good to hear, too.

I should make a GUI version of this in Java.

Well, with the new updates this is one of the fastest ways to get Gmod back to stock, without searching through folders, that I know of.

You should add some more control over what gets deletd in this though. Teh last version i used clean everything and i coudn’t exclude teh addons. But it was fine, i just lost the stupid ones after i got G-Addon

Great tools PPower, and my consolations about your personal trolls.
Glad to see you aren’t discouraged by them.

Enjoy the new updates, and as always tell me if you have any problems.

i tried this on virustotal.com

but can you explain this;

Yea its called a false positive idiot.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - UberMensch))

I just got done using this and I’ve noticed that my Gmod had increased in speed… I didn’t find kind of virus in this…

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