help! as soon as i completely cleaned by whole garrysmod with this program all my npc models in-game look worse then the original hl1 npcs! how do i fix this!!!

hmm, did you chaneg your garchics settign back to normal, it can remove thouse settings, Also i would recoment the “HD skins” ill find a link and post it for you if is just teh skins, if teh actual moddels are messed up you may have to re-extract the .gcf files that coem with it to replace what ever happend
, Ill notify the programmer of this problem.
sigh, due to harasement from trolls Powerhouse refuses to use there threads anymore;
however he would gladly try tro help you at teh clan forums here:

I found this one skin pack, its not the oen i was looking for though:

Ok fix LOL, I rebooted gmod and now everything is fixed!! I love this addon, I was scared for a little while but now everything is good, keep up the good work and thanks Thor for your help!

Oh good, you worried me there fro a sec, teh program shouldn’t break all your models.
Teh programmer said that he had already know that this would require a gmod restart for it to get back to a good condition, he just assumed most people would too. Weve added this information to the information avalable.

These are epic to have, Becuase the creator put love,Dedication,Caring,Thinking, And most of all he wants to give things to the community.

The creator is awsome and BTW hes making alot of upgrades to these. These are the best.

oh crap, i dont have textures. how do i fix?

-problem fixet’d-

oh, crap sorry there was just a glitch, anyway THANKS A BUNCH MY GMOD RUNS LIKE 5000 TIMES FASTER, THX A LOT!!!

umm, were sorry? did you net read the text saying that a heavy clean will delete all your addons and map too? Also, we highly recomend makeing a backup before useing this software, hmm thats an idea, integrate an auto backup; anyways. Haveing a clean gmod is no reason for it to crash. if anything it should run twenty times faster.

If indeed you cannot start your garrysmod at all, i recomend reinstalling it.
We also have manny of the most populer addons available in G-Addon.
If your garrysmod truely requires some addon to run properly re-download that addon.

If you still can’t run garrysmod try reinstalling steam.
If that dosent work steam sugegests reinstalling your operateing system, how helpful are they.

Also, the program does not delete the garrymod dirtectory, unless you set a custom directory a folder to low, i sapose that could posibly lead to it being erased. I’ll propose a ‘wrong directory checker’ to teh programmer for such an issue.

Hmm, thats the best i got for now. Sorry it messed up your gmod, could you give mroe specific information, like operating sytem and anything out of the ordinary as far as general setups go? If not we will assume either a program error or a user error that resulted in that.
Perhapse a force light clean should be implemented on the first run as well. Well i apologise for yoru trubble but that has given me a handfull of idea for improvments. thank you.

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And you don’t delete posts, you can edit them out and snip them though.

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how do i attach a picture to a post? im new here.

Noticed your new error, which textures are you missing? All the ones in maps, or just some on props?

oh i fixed it i was missing an texture on zombie i accidentally moved it to desktop when i was messing around with files.


by messing around with files, i meant getting new zombie models.

Ahh fair enough. Nothing major then.

like i said, im new and i dont know how to attach pictures yo posts, can somebody tell me how?


attach pictures TO posts i messed up on typing.


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URL of image


Should work so long as the adress ends in something like .jpg or whatever format you use.



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Oh, did you read the comment saying that the game must be ran, restarted, and then ran before the heavy clean truely works?
Im glad you got your porblem fixed though.
YEah, i think the facepuntch posts go directly to the download link, The latest and greatest can be found here for these programs:
Also, if you want the actually programmers help on any problem he will only help if you post on teh clan forums here:
Otherwise you just have my insight and basic understanding to go on.