oh those new ones are awesome, ima download em all. thanks.

hmmmmm my stargate mod broke and i cant fix it doing anything to it. do you think this could be the fix?

Well to some’s dismay, the software will remove ALL of ALL addons, along with the rest of yoru grarrymod setup as well. Its designed to, on a light clean, remove shti that build up in garrymod to make it faster overall. But on a HEAVY Clean, will remove everything so the next time you run Gmod it will restore all of its files to nearly brand new.
G-Addon (or G-Svn if the stargate svn is back up yet) will both remove teh previous instances of stargate upon installation of the new stargate to prevent unwanted buggs in conflicting scripts.
Now that i think of it, i dont know if i know of anyone with a working stargate setup right now. There may have been something in teh update that broke stargate alltogether.
So i doubt thsi will fix stargate, but i may speed up your garrymod if you do it right.

The fastest way is to just delete the folder “garrysmod” inside the folder steamapps/|username|/ And make a new folder called “garrysmod”.

Might want to check and see if G-Clean struggles on .svn folders. I know that just deleting Wiremod alone is near impossible if you don’t deal with the .svn folders.

I noticed he started selling these. Console apps are worth jack shit to be honest, once he develops a usable GUI and trims the fat off the code, then probably combine all the apps into one or include them in a package with a graphical launcher, then maybe then he could start charging. Paying for them now is like paying for an undercooked meal in a restaurant and not complaining to the chef.

STFU hex plz. We dont need trolls like you in here to ruin this thread so plz GTFO troll. And also Mods i am defending someone i like to have, And not to like made sad by a comment. So plz do something about hex

I wasn’t trolling fucknut. That was a valid suggestion. Console apps are horrid to look at and horrid to use. He’d have a higher chance of getting sales if it had a graphical GUI instead of using a CLI. Again, stop posting, you’re proving how thick people from his group seem to be.

Does that include me? Or the rest of my friends? And also, i agree; these arent worth selling; tell him yourself of you want a valid responce.

Probably this Samantha person, who doesn’t know what he/she/it is talking about.

Nah, you seem to know what you are on about. And don’t resort to mindless flaming. I would probably put the suggestion forward myself. But I am too damn lazy :v:

This made avast go off but I’m going to assume that it was a false-positive.


Nice program you have though, looks very well made.

ACTUALLY, i found the problem, no worries. all but the stargate_resources files were put inside another folder of the same name. so, “stargate” folder that needed to be in addons was inside aother “Stagate” folder. so instead of it being like it should be: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps*\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons\stargate<contents>, it was C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps*\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons\stargate\stargate<contents> and that way for all of the needed folders. it works fine now

Really? So the actual addon is in in a subfolder that it soudn’t be in? that would make sence i sapose; glad you solved it! :smiley:

now my only problem is the fact that, so far i’ve found that only hen i either a)pla on sb_gooniverse or b) empty my spawnicons folder every time i g to play gmod can i pull up the spawn menu without the whole game crashing.


It asks for my steam user name, does the user name have to be the one I signed up with or my nickname?

Just asking because I sorta screwed up when I typed in my nickname, then tried the name I signed up with, same results.

Well, its just asks for the directory to use, So whatever the steam login name you use to play gmod (i.e. teh name of the folder your Gmod game is under in the steamapps folder)

I can’t quite comprehend the effects of running the script on a directory that dosent exist… So i sapose theoretically it could case problems; could you be really specific on the results you got?

Secoundly, if you edit the dir.ini file (with notepad or anything equivalent) you can fix that and set it to teh directory that yoru garrysmod is really in.

You can set your spawn menu to display teh model name and directory rather than an icon. this will greatly speed up your spawnmenu but will m make it more diffcult to figure out what teh model look like without spawning.

Gamemode deletion should be optional, like addon deletion.

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