Can’t you just do the same thing by deleting the garrysmod folder, and reinstalling?
Or does this keep you from having to do that?

Now if this thing would search your addons and see if there’s any missing files, and give you an option to delete the file(s) and/or folder(s) or download/install to bring back the missing addon you deleted, I’d get this.

Good ideas; my hopes is for some kind of merge of these programs so thay can all preform in unison and do something liek that, but for now;
G-Clean will (on a light clean) remove all sorts of files that garrysmod dosen not need to work and hopefully improve prefermance, and (on a heavy clean) will basicall just remove yoru garrysmod folder and let garrymod re-extract its files to reset the game back to it original state without reinstalliung garrysmod entirely.

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Is there anny purpose for you to keep posting ‘lol’ at evrything said about you? I Enjoy it being easy to find the thread due to its reguler posting, but seriiously. What do you gain from helping us get more views?





Also, I think Samantha might well be a bot.

Well, i can’t stop people from being wrong, But sam is a close friend of mine.

It needs a new interface.

I guess it’s quite handy but it’s not exactly hard to just navigate to your GMod directory and do it manually.

Pretty much all GModders know how to find it, as addons are very important in GMod, so I don’t see how it would help there.

Just seemed like a bot pattern to me.

thread’s being peaceful

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etc. Thanks for clearing it up though

Off Topic: She has strong oppinions, And is a loyal Power Krew Member/Mapper. I don’t think its uncommon for people to outspoken abbout their oppinions.

On Topic: Last i heard Power has been working on a new version with a real interface.
It has been suggested that these be merged into one program, witch may be the next verson avalable, We have manny improvements taht are in the process and i cant wait to later test teh beta. I’m fairly sure that the next release will be far mroe usefull that the current versions. :smiley:

Imagine a big spikey turd (Gmod) then G-Clean smooths it out.

Power is getting remodled at the time, So please dont bother him with messages. Thank you very much with your time. See i can say something diffrent and i did.

and im sorry for everything i said in the past, just it gets real irratating when theres people who want to be mean to other people when im defending people.

If he does decide to combine these then it would probably be a good idea to trim the code down a bit more and probably use something that isn’t WGet for downloading addons and stuff. And good to hear he is actually working on a GUI.

Nice, that would be a great moto for G-clean xD

Now I’m half tempted to render up a big spikey turd embossed with the Gmod logo and have a .gif of G-Clean Smoothing it out. >.<

you are calling Gmod a turd, right?