G Man is crucified.

Me and my friends were screwing around when we made this:

Usually the crucifiction pose generally includes a different race of person.

Please don’t use construct.

The picture is bad enough already

I like the duped poses, the fail posing and the fire that can spawn out of nowhere even above the ground. Funny for a funny troll.

Poses are bad, map is gm_construct, random fire coming from the ground, and it’s a bunch of duplications. Just a pointer, don’t post your first pose (I am assuming this is your first). Practice your posing, get some new maps and models, then post.

Agreed^, I think that you should stop rating people disagree just because they don’t like the picture, Work on it, Change map, Don’t ever use Duplicator unless its grass, and don’t do stuff like this unless you actually posed it well :confused:




This is um, different…


“Father Garry, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing”

Not all poses in this section have to be good or aimed at good.
Not all pictures have to be poses.