G-Man VS Kleiner (First Trailer)

Beginning was fun, as well as “Oooh, fiddlesticks”.

The rest was bullshit, and could’ve been better if you took out the parts where you froze objects.


Also, why in hell was there a door n the middle of nowhere, and why did Kleiner live on the street?

I’m just learning how to do this, I was testing FRAPS to see how well It would run with Garry’s Mod.

Thn don’t post it here. Let it be on YouTube, or at least put in the title/OP that it’s a FRAPS test and not something serious.

It’s going to be made, I’m just stating I was testing fraps aswell.

Horrid, don’t make it.


i liked the door bit, but other then that ive got the agree with the others

Just keep making your videos… ill watch it at work

Thank’s for the feedback, I will continue working on my machinima’s, We all got to start somewhere, right?