G-Man's Comin'!

Video I made showing a suspenseful buildup of G-Man gettin to Dr. Kleiner.

Music: Wagner - In The Hall Of The Mountain King
Program Used: Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

It was pretty funny, only it was a bit long though, could use more events.

Pretty brilliant work with only one man involved in the film.
Here, have a funny rating.


lol, Thanks guys. And I’m glad you noticed it was just me filming Raiskauskone. I’m sure people know but I’m glad someone said something because it was hard work :confused:

That was quite good, although it was quite long and dull at some parts.

It was pretty good, keep up the good work :smiley:

have a funny


It was pretty good, keep up the good work :smiley:

have a funny

LOL, I loved that so much. Kept me really interested. The only three things I’d recommend improving is using more complicated camera techniques (i.e. Catmull-Rom cameras), use cl_drawhud 0 to remove the UI when filming, and also, I’d either choose a different map or ‘clutter’ it up, to give it more vibrance.

Oh, and some compliments: The title sequence that said “G-Man’s Comin’” was GREAT, where he pops up, the title appears, and he goes back out of sight. I loved that so much. It gave the movie a cat-and-mouse feel, in scenes where he pops out like that.

Oh, and to make the illusion of two people being on screen at once, the way I do it, is if you make a camera track of the camera facing one way, and then turning around, you have to film the same camera track twice. For example:

Camera is facing one direction, and then is made so that it turns around, using either Catmull-Rom or Moving Camera tool, and faces the other direction.

Be the Kleiner model, and start running away, facing that one direction, then when the camera turns around, stop recording

Be the G-man model, and then go on the other side, and when the camera begins to turn around, start recording. In editing, you can splice these two clips together to make it flow smoothly. If you’d like an example, in this movie I made in which I filmed completely by myself like you did, I used the technique, here’s the URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3h5JiwoouA

Glad to see your putting time in gmod film.
Liked your war footage’s, so I hope to see great films from you in the future in this section.