Hello all,

I have written a program to automatically install 50 different maps. It prompts the user which map to install and does it one by one.

It is very simple to operate and requires little to no experience with gmod and its directories. It runs with windows command via cmd.exe

Simply follow the on screen instructions and your set to go.

Although this program does not give the user the option of EVERY map available, I might add more if there is the demand for it.

Also, the only reason it asks for your steam name is to enable multiple users on the same computer. So don’t worry, its not malicious.

Get it here: http://www.PowerKrewServers.com/pksforums/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=6

Please let me know of any bugs you find.

**Make sure to run this program in the extracted folder. It requires wget.exe to operate.

Updates included in new release (11/30/09):

-Now remembers users, so no more repetitive typing.
-Now prompts at the end if user would like more maps installed.
-Has a tiny bit more color, lol.
-Hopefully more features on the way.

Updates included in new release (12/1/09):

-Now allows for custom gmod directories
-Remembers directory for next use

Updates included in new release (12/14/09):

-Fixed failed installation of richland and halo maps

This is also my last posting regarding these programs on facepunch.
The programs work, and are not malicious. Many people have confirmed this.
I assume there will be just as many trolls angry at this release as the previous. This time I wont have to deal with it.
If you would like a map added, feel free to request one here:

Enjoy this program, I made it for you.

If you have questions regarding this or other PKS products, visit us at: www.PowerKrewServers.com

I am done responding on this website. My source is simply that, mine.

Is there nothing you cant do?

Cure aids.

I see you added the user account saving thing and kept with it. Also, some day you should think about making a master program and having that launch each of these G-series programs. It would make it much more organized. And maybe you should think about making a megathread for them or something so they aren’t scattered?

One day, one day.

Good job releasing another one

Yeah, thanks; Its sad to see others mimicing this software rather than thinking of something original to get populer off of though. Id woudl much rather them have notifyed us of how we can improve rather than doing it themselves. Kinda remidns me of the Kermite swep packs that eveybody adds tag on there uploads for to git more hits.

Amazing. You are great. Thank you.
P.S. How much space does SB take up?

Space build? i could tell you ina few hours after i get it; i know its pretty massive though

The SB Maps are about 25mb if memory serves. Most maps shrink by 50-80% when compressed though.

This is epic to have, He made this with alot of Love,Caring,Dedication,Giving,And wants to give something to the community.

He is making these so much more epic. Keep it up Power. And hes also upgrading them.

You are a machine…

G-Map has been updated again, Fixed a coupple errors. Should be working as of now. :smiley:

Woot!! no more looking for good maps :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a great thread. And also for all the trolls here. GTFO before i do something about it.

When looking over the page, i don’t see hardly one troll; and even if anny of the 8 people who posted here are known troll, they aren’t trolling in here.

Well Thor, you think of something new will you.

Yayyyyyy my old dusty map is on the list.