G-mod 13 crashes when loading maps "Initializing game data"

Hi, I am having trouble with G-mod 13 for orignial maps “gm_flatgrass” and “gm_construct” when the game is loading at “initializing game data”, but still crashed
Here what I have done so far on fixing it.

  1. Delete addons, re-download addons, and verify. (Ok) It’s ok, but sometimes crashes a lot. Had to verify a lot.

  2. Delete addons, unsubscribe them all, adn verify. (Yes) Works perfectly fine, but boring without it.

  3. re-download G-mod 13, re-download addons, and verify. (Ok) G-mod 13 works, but except the addons crash still when downloading.

  4. Move the addons to a different by keeping it reserved, unsubscribe all, verify, and drag the all the addons from the new folder to “addon” folder. (No) It work on the outdated G-mod 13, until it got updated and blocked.

  5. Disable all the addons (which takes awhile) and launch the game

  6. Delete half of addons, unsubscribe half of it at least 700 files, and verify. (Yes) It work before, but takes a very long time to load up the map.

I want to make a movie out of all the addons I can get put for the fun of it, but has so many issue on loading screen. T.T
To be honest is it bad to have 1,200 files of addons on G-mod to cause it slow down or is it the computer of my proccessor.

If anyone of you are having a problem right now, you’re not alone. I need an advice on how to fix it.

You can try running one addon at a time and see if one is causing the crash.