G Mod Engine Error.

Hey all, As soon as i boot up g mod it gets to the picture of G Man just before the Menu, it crashes with the error SteamClient()->GetISteamFriends, re installing/re-booting dosen’t help.

you pirated the game.

fyi, Gman is no longer on the menu.

uhh… No i didn’t? Want a screeny?

i’d like a profile link to your Steam Profile

links right there

then please explain why you have Gman as the background.

Thats a very good question

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Another re-boot fixed the problem, but now NVLDDMKM crashes it. Any fixes?


The NV makes it obvious as something related to your graphics card, as it would stand for nvidia, no?

Not sure, I have a GTS 250.

Just guessing, but it sounds like some video loader thingy thing fails horribly, update your drivers