G-Mod Help (Why Me?)

When I open G-Mod, everything goes pretty smooth. I’ll start playing a bit, and everything still seems to be going OK. Then, every once and a while, the game will freeze for a couple seconds, and then the whole screen (not just G-Mod, but the WHOLE GODDAMN SCREEN) goes black for a second or two. When that stops, G-Mod (in it’s window) has gone black (and it won’t go back).


Post your problem in the Garrys Mod General Discussion.

Do you play in windowed mode or fullscreen?
Lower your settings, and make sure that you have the system requirements.

Also, what is your steam profile so we can identify if you really own the game or not.

Well he has a garrysmod.org account with files on it so I assume he has a legal copy

Ah, bad reading for me then.

You might need a new video card fan, it happened to me because my video card started to overheat, problem was the fan didn’t work, you may need to order a new fan or let the video card cool off for a few hours.