G-Mod Mouse Sensitivity Glitch

*(Sorry if a solution to this problem is already around; I’ve searched the forums using keywords such as “gmod, g-mod, garry’s mod, mouse, sensitivity, glitch, slow, and problem” and found nothing pertaining to my problem; m’bad if I overlooked something.)

Basically, when in-game, my mouse-look sensitivity is extremely slow.
When I check my mouse sensitiviy control options, the sensitivity is set to ‘8.0’, which is usually a decent setup for me. But somehow it feels like the sensitivity is at like ‘0.5’ or something when in-game.
Mouse sensitivity on the splash screen and using the spawn menu works perfectly fine.

My other games (including my other Valve and Source-based games) work fine with a mouse-sensitivity of ‘8.0’, only Garry’s Mod is being wierd, so I know it’s not my mouse.
I use a Microsoft 5000 Mouse (the same one I’ve used for the past 2 years) and it functions fine, and since it’s a Mircrosoft mouse, Windows automatically updates its drivers.

What I have to do is manually change my mouse sensitivity in my gmod options to literally ‘40.0’ to get the effect of an ‘8.0’ sensitivity, but when I exit the game and re-launch it, the sensitivity is back to the ‘broken’ ‘8.0’ sensitivity.

It would be much appreciated if someone knows a permanent fix for this; thanks ahead of time.

What addons do you have installed? Because if you have Neuroplanes, it does that.

OMG yea I have that installed ><

I never would’ve known, heh. I can’t believe that there’s been no other post that I could find about that.

Yea the problem is solved; Thanks!

So is 8.0 a good FPS sensitivity?