G-Mod Online: Rise of Shadows

----Rise of Shadows is an upcoming role-playing gamemode for the popular Source Modification, Garry’s Mod. Unlike other Medieval/Fantasy Role-playing gamemodes that work in G-mod, R.o.S focuses more on storyline and P.v.E than other similar gamemodes. The Story focuses on "The realm of Nealrenth, a large and peaceful land that is under threat from an Ancient Evil, known as “The Shadow Keeper” that has been growing long beneath the Syrial Mountains to the north-east. The Players aid the forces of Elves, Men, Hobbits, Dwarves, and many other powerful and wise beings in the destruction of this growing threat and the return of peace to the Region.”
----Players gain Experience, Armour, Weapons, and Allies in this epic gamemode that combines both epic story-telling, and standalone quests, creating a game experience that resembles a lovechild of Lord of the Rings Online and World of Warcraft, all with the awesome power of the Source Engine.
Not only will an in-depth story and environment consisting of intertwined servers and maps be included, but things such as the ability to save one’s Character, (with which you have the ability to level up, gain armour, weapons, a house, an animal [to ride], and friends among other things), and fully customized models, maps, sweps, textures, and a working weather and time environment, with random precipitation, and weather, be a vital part of the realism of the game.
----The game will use hit/miss style as a main point of fighting, enticing more use of tactics, and not the "charge in and kill!” Players will be able to create or join guilds, or, create a short term group in which up to 5 members can be recruited for harder quests. -Choose from 7 CLASSES: The Hunter, Defender, Captain, Bard, Rouge, Berserker, and Mage, each with their own skills, items, advantages, disadvantages, abilities, craft-able items, and personal quests. Crafting will also contain these singular quests to raise one’s skill in said craft. Use crafting skills to dye the colour of both armour and clothing to personalize your character.
----CRAFTING: You can choose 3 of any of these crafting professions: Weapon Smithing (Use mined minerals to create custom weapons), Armour Smithing (Use mined minerals to create custom armour), Cooking (Create foods and meals that give health, stamina, or add to attributes, from gathered items), Herbalism (Use gathered material to create potions to help, or hurt), Woodworking (Use self-gathered wood materials to create lumber products like bows or staffs), Mining (Mine metals for use in forging into armour or weapons), Tailoring, (Use materials to create custom clothing or armour that is not made out of metal), Jewelling (create intricate jewels or runes used for enchanting), or Enchanting (Enchant custom weapons into stronger ones by using empty jewels to enchant with spells, or use already enchanted runes). These crafts will establish the need to work together to create working items.
----Free-markets will be used to auction one’s unwanted or self made items. The auctioning system runs server wide, so whatever you place can be bought by anyone. The economical system runs using 3 powers of money described as such, Copper<Silver<Gold. 100Copper=1Silver 2500Silver=1Gold. Items in areas where players begin playing will be weaker, but less expensive. The gamemode’s artistic style will be relatively drawn from more realistic concepts; in-game architecture will reference my own beliefs in what each race would build, most of it inspired by The Lord of the Rings book descriptions, as well as some Dungeons and Dragons artwork.
-----And yes, this gamemode is still in concept phase, I want to be sure all of it is possible, written down, and finished, before me and my, at this moment non-existent group, begin coding, modeling, etc. Which comes to this question, for those who are interested in helping me, please give me your Steam Username so I may contact you. The max number of G-Modders who can play on a server is, I believe 90, this might or might not work, as the massive maps and NPC’s might cause considerable lag to some. And to those of you who understand the limits of G-Mod, please tell me here, if this game would be better off as a singular mod on its own, and not a dependent gamemode. B.T.W., I am a mapper, not a Lua coder, so many of these Lua rules that you might bring up, will be foreign to me. Please be fair, and if you think this idea will work, tell me now, I do not want to scrap a project for lack of cooperation.

-Thank you-


Sorry about spacing and paragraphs, Facepunch uses a different typing space then Microsoft word.



sounds interesting

So who do you expect to code this for you, & are you the ideas guy?

EDIT: You may want to fix stuff like spelling errors too.

An “Ideas guy” as you call them, are usually very important, without ideas, one’s gamemode becomes bland.
Rated bad reading. I said I was a mapper, hence I will be doing some mapping for the gamemode.
Usually indoor places. I do not now who will have the huge task or coding this yet.

I did read you are mapping, but that doesn’t mean you’re not the ideas guy, you could be a very bad mapper, or a very good one for all I know. But I’d personally say the mapping is going to be a lot easier than some of the coding for this.

No one wants to “work” for someone who isn’t putting much into a project themselves.

Mapping and ideas are vital to the element of creating games, companies hire some people just for their ideas. Without a map, you cannot play a game. I am contributing, MMORPG’s were not created by one super-coder being.
All I need, is a little help from facepunch coders and modelers, maybe another mapper or two.


When I say little, I mean A LOT.

Cool. A online mod for a truly singleplayer game! Cant wait.

Bad reading friend. The game is an MMORPG. It is no more singleplayer than WoW or LotRO.
Harder quests require other players, and crafting requires people with different professions to help each other out.

Hobbits don’t work out of Middle-earth very well, might be their size.

Everyone’s an ideas guy.
The ones who get their ideas made are the ones who make them.

Getting a grasp on how to implement these things would be a nice first step for you, and what is and what is not possible in a g-mode. (geddit? gmode, gamemode, gmod… er… erm… :frowning: )
For once, Facepunch might actually do something useful and point you in the right direction instead of trolling the fuck out of you for the lulz. Oh wait who am I kidding that’ll never happen.

At any rate I don’t think you’ll see an MMO in Source anytime soon. Sorry, but the princess is in a different engine.

Oh hahaha…
Your a funny man.

You could even try learn a little bit, and possibly help out with the coding of a part of it (fighting system, etc). Every little step will make your idea a little more possible.

Also, why does everyone spell “rogue” as “rouge”…?

For starters you spelt the title on the thread wrong…

I know I mispelled of, sorry. Anyone that wants to help with the game, if you like, could teach me to do the same (modeling, Lua). And the Source Engine, if abused correctly, can work with MMo’s as long as the prop level stays low, which I intend to happen. The only things that should react with the enviorment are the bodies of the dead, all other props would be static and decorative. The game’s fun is in its vastness and gameplay.
This game draws heavily from L.o.t.R.O, inspired by their work, as you could say.
I love the game, and I want to base this mod off the work, but not to regurgitate it.
The only reason the game doesn’t have exact L.o.t.R themes is because I do not want to get sued.
And if I won’t get sued for making my personal regurgitation of it, then I will create a regurgitation, with the powers of the group of course, if I ever get one.


Beginning work on Maps now.

That’s kind of like handling the interior decoration for a stadium. If you don’t have an architect to handle building the stadium, you can pretty much forget about decorating it.

Maps are not a part of any gamemode. They are content for the gamemode. One could release a gamemode without any maps at all & it would be (not very playable but) complete.

Mapping without code = content for a gamemode that doesn’t exist.

Coders have their own ideas that they almost certainly like better than anyone else’s ideas.

Well I understand where you are coming from, but, you see, look at it from a point of the Director in a movie.
The director knows what he wants the movie to look like, the Modelers create the models from his view, or tell him what can or cannot be done.
But here I am not only the director, therefore I can do a bit more than directors, even though directors are seen as important figure in the movie’s creation.

You spelled spelled wrong.

Haha I just noticed that, well played!

This RP mod just got even more doomed.

LOL, do not blame me for getting into character, in fact, I think by doing so I will increase this MMORPG’s chance for success.
Though, no one has yet to ask if they may join in, the game’s chances of survival may seem bleak now, but once a good group gets going, i’m sure it would work.
And besides, I don’t want credit for the work if I only input ideas, for all I care, someone else can take charge and put me as just “Unknown Idea Guy”, as long as the gamemode goes on. I believe that, hard work and non-mingyness, will be the key to making this great gamemode, a success!