G-Mod Physics Mapping

I’ve been interested in finding the equations G-Mod uses to calculate things like Acceleration, Air Resistance, etc;

Thus far I have discovered that, in G-Mod:

Force = (Mass * Acceleration) / 2.25
Acceleration = (2.25 / Mass) * Force
Mass = (2.25 * Force) / Acceleration
2.25 = (Acceleration * Mass) / Force

In REAL life, (Acceleration * Mass) / Force = 1 NOT 2.25.

If G-Mods units were adjusted (say, the unit for mass was multiplied by 2.25, or Force multiplied by 2.25, Things would become a WHOLE lot simpler. You could get rid of that pesky 2.25).

Mass Unit = 1 Weight from weight tool.
Force Unit = 1 Force from Thruster. In my case, the vector thruster.
Acceleration = Delta of Velocity.

Is there a place where this sort of thing has already been discovered? Can you look directly at the code and find this out that way?

2.25 looks way cooler than 1.

I fail to see how this affects anything…ever.

You could actually refer to these for making some useful contraptions such as choppers, and make them fly properly.

You sound like these guys from MythBusters trying to see every little difference of things. But erm… like… does that actually make a difference?
Edit: Not difference in your mind but more like… difference that you can actually notice.

F=2.25ma? What?

This is incorrect, as far as lua is concerned. As an example, a force of (600 * deltatime * mass) will cause an object to hover. I believe you are using 2.25 as a sort of deltatime coefficient.

This entire post is wrong.

I believe you are correct sir.

For acceleration, I used:
Acceleration = Delta of Velocity. So the delta timing is the only thing affecting the physics equations I found (How often the computer takes a sample of the current value) other than the base equation (F=MA). That was also my theory before, except I had figured that maybe delta went with every game click. (In which case everything would fall into place).

Yours: (600 * deltatime * mass) = Force Required to Hover.
Mine: (Mass * Acceleration Rate of Gravity) / 2.25= Force Required to Hover.
On yours, 600 is the acceleration rate I’m assuming. Meaning, the only real difference between ours is that I take (MA)/2.25, and you take MA*Deltatime.

I’ll run some tests WITHOUT using delta next time. I’ll apply a force of 1 to a mass of 1 for 1 second, find the resulting speed, etc; and figure the new equation.
It will HOPEFULLY be the simple F=MA. If not, then It will NOT be the delta, and in fact the units I am using that are flawed, in which case I’m going to have to cfind the standard unit system that works. If one doesn’t exist, then I’ll have no choice but to create my own, and leave it “nasty” like it is :stuck_out_tongue:

***I wrote this pretty late at night, so forgive any possible mistakes in this post.

You also have to compensate for air resistance. I’m not. That could be part of the problem.

Also note that I don’t think physics calculations run at the same rate as the server ticks or thinks.


Sage advice, I’ll keep that in mind.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess you’re drunk.

You know me too well

I ran the tests in a zero-air resistance environment.

So the only thing affecting my equations is the fact that the UNITS I am using aren’t fitting in together. I need to decide which one I’m making a mistake on, and correct it. (Most likely, again, it’s the TIME unit that’s off. The delta clock time)

I’ll work on it now.

(btw, Gravity accelerates objects 27 velocity/deltavelocity


FOUND THIS: http://www.wiremod.com/forum/wiremod-general-chat/17874-comprehensive-gmod-physics-guide.html