G-O Arms Remote Scout Tank Mk 173

You have any idea how hard it is to look at your own vmf files from yester year, but have NO IDEA what you were doing or how you did it? yeah, it sucks. Anyways, this is a semi formal way of coming back, I guess. Nothing to terribly amazing due to computer limitations. Also trying to shift my building style a little from the super massive but somewhat bland mega cruisers and fighters to somewhat smaller, more detail/function oriented stuff. and my old style was way to clean and smooth, technicaly good but alittle bland after the millionth time, so going to be going for a dirtier style from here out. more rebel, less combine

I’ve always like to build with roles in mind, and after watching war of the servers and some zombie rp junk on youtube, building a remote controlled scout/attack whirly-doodle seemed like a good place to start. Some light and small that could be air dropped in from one of the frigates (thanawam mk 2 is being alittle stupid right now, so he’s being painted pink and left in the back room till his thrusters start working)

And along those lines I made this little guy as a warm up. Cute, small, under 100 props. His main purpose was as a test bed for relearning hammer, but it came out all right, so I supposed it would be worth getting ideas on improvement from the peanut gallery

(was going to post a video, but I forgot how to take one :V)

the hover effect doesn’t show up to well in the pictures.

Hovers, strafes, shoots zOMG over powered test machine guns and a flamethrower (was going to be rockets but my old code keeps crashing out.

size comparison, this was the smallest thing I built 2 years ago.

So, this will probably grow into something involving an immersive vmf spawnable battle system using most of the coding hammered (punny) out here. c/c needed. I’m tired.

o for awesome

Gmod9, lol wut. (VMFs works properly there?)

In gmod 10 work too, there’s a fix some where around here

How long has the vmf suite been developed?


Yeah, and I was talking with uncle ste a few months ago and he said something about vmf for 10 coming out soon. Is it out now or no? Might finaly persuade me to get 10

It’s allready out, let me find the fix, ok here ->

woah, epic thanks mate.

side note, I’m working on a combo with this, three fighters, a scanner pod, a frigate, base, jump gates etc. but that obviously needs many people to make it work, is there anyone running the vmf suite and is willing to help test it out?

Gmod nine, good times.

I suppose you don’t release contraptions? It would be fun to toy around with.

I’ld release but i haven’t got around to getting 10 yet :V . Hopefully by weeks end I’ll have scrounged the money to get gmod packaged with something like TF2.

Gmod9 lolwut.

Nice stuff. Sort of reminds me of stuff one guy from gaming community I’m in used to make :3

I am…

Same here.

That’s fucking awesome.

uh oh, aggitated the mods D:

anywho, I’ll get gmod 10 tomorrow and find sonewhere to start putting this stuff out.

On that note, steam is failing to start up anything running on the hl2 engine, it either has a check validity error or says the engine failed to initialize. How do fix ?

Holy FUCK, Desmerin!

How did you do the hover effect?