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Hello my name in game is Boowman I think to start a community hoping that people will join on my servers and they will enjoy.I have different ideas for my community the single problem is that I don’t have a coder wich can help me making the gamemode more uniq.
I do my best making the gamemode better and different from other server.
Maybe a lot of people after they will se who own this community will say that those server are shit, just because my reputation on FP is with -(minus) not even 0.
Hope to don’t desapoint you guys and don’t judge the community because of me.
And just because we add more cars , items don’t make our server more uniq.But because we start creating a custom map and because of our admins.I think we could be better then others server
And we are not a community which sell admin.If you want to be admin you must to earn it.

2.Super Admin



| ~Server = [G-S]G-Society.co.cc | #1 | Deathrun|
| GameMode = Deathrun
| Slots = 24
| IP =
| Status = ONLINE

| ~Server = [G-S]G-Society.co.cc | #3 | DarkRP |
| GameMode = DarkRP
| Slots = 16
| IP =
| Status = ONLINE

| ~Server = [G-S]G-Society.co.cc | #2 | TTT |
| GameMode = TTT
| Slots = 16
| IP =
| Status = ONLINE


  1. No trolling
  2. No flaming
  3. If you want to criticize, be constructive!
    4.And if you have any suggestion post it on the forum not here.
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I’m personally not sure if GMod is ready for more PERP and DarkRP servers. There’s tons of both and you don’t describe how yours are different in any way, you just list that they’re available for use. It does look like a community that could take off if it could get something unique as you also stated above.
Don’t try to get a coder to do a DarkRP edit or a PERP edit. There is no (NO) reason to do that. DarkRP edits are mainly always “hur, more durgs and printers!1” so I’d like to hear your ideas for the edit.
And try to work a bit on your spelling. It’s sort of hard to read it as it is, with a lot of typos and mistakes. I know you’re not from a native English speaking country (nor am I) but you have to do a tad better if you want to get this through properly. Try to see if you can get some spellchecker, Chrome should have it installed as default.

Thank you for what you said.I think very much by changhing the DakRP gamemode , because how you said there are to much and is very hard to come with new ideas for DarkRP.
About PERP I know I diden’t said anything about , how I will make the server more uniq, because I still working at that, I got some small ideas wich I added allready without the custom map.Soon I will give more news about the server and how did they change.
You said something about gething a coder which could edit DarkRP or Perp, this is a stupid Idea and I know this.Mostly I don’t realy like to hire people or ask them to work for me for free, because I don’t do this.I like to make what I need, maybe I ask for help but nothing more.

PS:Sorry for my bad english ,is not very eazy for me learning, but I do my best.

Where are the servers hosted?

You’re not a moderator, don’t try to control everyone who posts here.

Good admins and good playerbase

Server Advertising isn’t allowed, is it?

Dont think you can advertise servers. Wish you could though

Server advertisements aren’t allowed in this section, that’s correct Jenkins. I personally can’t decide if this is a thread for his community (which is fine) in which he also has his servers listed.

Wait we are allowed to advertise community’s?

Think so. I have seen a lot of community threads before, I guess as long as it isn’t blatant advertising. Ask a mod in the Ask us about the forums thread though, as I am no mod.

-____- This IS blatant advertising…

Why are both of your servers RP. Turn one into a sandbox on Flatgrass.

I know, but this is what I would like to se from the people.Not just see that they write " this server’s is shit" or other think.

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This is totaly true.

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United Kingdom

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How I said in my second comment .I will change the Gamemode from DarkRP on something else I diden’t decide yet on what.

I meant what host

this server’s is shit

This server is going to go far.

Advertising isn’t allowed.

That’s sums up all the modded darkrp and perp servers. Add some guns and its exact.


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If you are serious thank you.I hope that this server to be a succes, I still have ideas which are not finished yet.