Hello all,

I have written a program to automatically install those pesky GMod Addon SVN’s.

It is very simple to operate and requires little to no experience with gmod and its directories. It runs with windows command via cmd.exe

Simply follow the on screen instructions and your set to go.

Although this program does not give the user the option of EVERY svn available, I might add more if there is the demand for it.

Also, the only reason it asks for your steam name is to enable multiple users on the same computer. So dont worry, its not malicious.

Get it here: http://www.PowerKrewServers.com/pksforums/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=2

Please let me know of any bugs you find.

*Make sure to run this program in the extracted folder.

Updates included in new release (11/30/09):

-Now remembers users, so no more repetitive typing.
-Now prompts user at the end if they would like to install more addons.
-Has a tiny bit more color, lol.
-Hopefully more features on the way.

Updates included in new release (12/1/09):

-Now allows for custom gmod directories
-Remembers directory for next use

Updates included in new release (12/14/09):

-Rewrote source for improved efficiency and smaller overall size
-Fixed incorrect wire installation on 64 bit operating systems

this is great, i no longer have to search for those damn svn url links

yeah its nice to have something automatically update them in one sitting

Can you DL multiple files at the same time, as in let’s say. . . A B F G

Open up 4 instances of the program perhaps? Though, you could just use Tortoise SVN.

Considering you posted this 3 times with all different names, I’m going to go ahead and say it’s malicious.

It’s not the same thing 3 times, it’s 3 different things, one downloads non SVN addons, one cleans your Gmod folder, one downloads SVN files, stop being retarded.

Thank you ploxinator, its nice to see a non-sceptic ever once in a while. I wonder if gerbils_alt_2 even read the thread to see what they say.

I am stupid.
I mostly looked at the UI shown in the pictures.

I agree, you’re pretty thick.

I Dled it and nothing happened to me yet.
I declare this non-malicious.
Edit: Since you helped me in the other thread (G-addon) can you give me some simple steps to use this too? After that? I’ll be done.

You know what, i take it back you are doing pretty good stuff here and if it was you who done that phishing trail i can see your not like it anymore so im sorry for grilling you.

I hope you’ll keep updating the list.

I got a surprise coming for all 3 of these.

I already know the suprise, not that it isn’t completly obvious lol…

but offtopic, I has forum issue should I PM you freakie ?

Issue: No privalges to access search _

You ruined it now. bad man.

I don’t care if I ruined it, you know you wan’t it. :v:

I have no idea at all what you are on about, I suggest you pass this on to Garry, Hezzy or simply just any moderator out there. (I reccomend seeking Super Moderators or above, though).

-snip- Fixed that problem, but now I can’t use the stargate SVN. One sec, grabbing a Screenshot.


Ya, looks like the program is working, however the stargate svn is down. I’ll find a way to resolve this for the next release.

I’ve toiled looking for an SVN of the stargate, teh best i foudn was this http://www.glua.net/downloads.php, Perhapse teh stargate mod will be hosted along with the other downloads in G-addon. But for now you can downlaod a current .zip from there. (its the one named “SG”)

For now i recomend jsut pressing cancel on teh stargate svn, it wotn stop the install it will just skip stargate (this works for all svn’s they arent manditory)


I just found this post, http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=671203 its full of svn links, you might want to try soem of these and add them to the g-svn power.

Thor your typing skills are something to be wished for…

Anyway, errr I remember stargate SVN saying it was moving temporarily, this was last week. Wiremod svn did give me a new url but i neglected to save it :slight_smile: