g t-shirt

i can’t sell my Sandbox Game Shirt but every one selling on steam community market

i want to sell on market, how can i fix this
my steam profile page: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198049459568
rust admins can help me ?

If you read it says:

Tags: Tradable, Not Marketable

Which means you cant sell it.

So most likely not all drops can be sold only traded. Or it was a mistake and they forgot to make it marketable.

Tags: Tradable, Marketable

I don’t think you can sell recently bought items.

Im having the same issue, I have 2 g shirts unlocked yet I cant trade them as well. Thats probably why the ones that are up for sale are $12

They were meant to be a promo shirt for people who owned G-mod, and because of that, sale of the item has been restricted.

Ah, that explains it. Thanks.