[G]Workshop - A tool for easy addon uploading to the Steam Workshop

[G]Workshop is a program I created in C# to make uploading addons to the workshop immensely easier, piling it all into one easy to use GUI instead of multiple steps. It creates the .json, compiles the addon into a .gma, and uploads it to the workshop.
All the .gmas are saved in Documents/[G]Workshop/addon_name.

You can checkout the GitHub page here.

I haven’t set up an installer yet, but you can download the debug release here.

Known Issues/Planned Features

[li] Add ignore tags to the .json creation process
[li] Add updating current workshop addons
[li] Point the user to the upload link
I’m always looking for suggestions to both the program and my code, so feel free to post here/create pull requests! I wanted to wait a bit to upload until I added updating as well as the ignore tags (since it wouldn’t take long to add either), but due to recent real life issues, I may take a bit longer on adding said features than normal. (Not Valve time, I promise)

http://jcwcreations.com/pictures/projects/g-workshop.png[/t] [t]http://uploads.jcwcreations.com/a9f0a25df20487e01ea563882c8fcb15.png[/t] [t]http://uploads.jcwcreations.com/46cf66c5540addf5b02466eef7d78aee.png

Awesome release!

I’ll check it out now. Looks good already tbh

Or you can use the workshopper…

You know, like the official tool.


I used it 6 days ago, so don’t tell me it’s not working.

It still looks better than the original workshopper.

Because let’s not release or make any different projects because of what already exists, right?

Well, the workshopper has more features, you can put custom tags (by editing the gwen files), tags number is also unrestricted.

Dude, the guy wants to make something, so let him do it. There’s no point in you giving him shit for making something cool.

You’re not being forced to use this, if you don’t feel like its for you then simply, don’t use it.

Nice work Nookyava, Looks good!

When uploading to the workshop, tags are upwards of two (says so here). I’d appreciate some constructive criticism instead of you sitting here attacking my project just because I decided it would be a fun side project to create this.

looking good

I just don’t get the point of making a gui version of gmad/gmpublish if there already a working gui version which has less restrictions about the upload rules . ( only some file extention rules are outdated but it can be patched easily).

Anyway, the GUI is nice.

Thats the point.

Really lovely work, will be using a lot more when I can update existing workshop addons!

I remember you telling me about this a little while ago, that long ago that I forgot about it :v:

This would definitely come in handy though when I decide to upload to the workshop.

The sexier it looks, the more I like it. So well done, and great work, will be using this.