G36C !! Important Request :(

Hello Everyone, iam looking for an G36C model like the one in Cod4 or Cod 8 ( Mw and Mw3) ?
Have someone a Model or something else ?
It would be good if it is like the in Cod : Modern Warfare :frowning:

Take your pick.

G36C included
(And yeah, I know it’s COD models, but he wanted one that seemed like a COD one, so I thought I’d give him the exact COD4 model).

Anyone can download that ? I dont have garrysmod

(User was banned for this post ("Trolling or dumb" - verynicelady))

then why you want the model

You can’t be serious can you?

He’s using emoticons in thread names.

Just sayin’

(This means that he may have some issues)

You’re kidding…right?

If you don’t have GMod, then why post in a GMod-based forum? Seems a bit redundant, really.

Well he might be requesting something for other SOURCE game.

But I don’t see the fucking point of his posts here.