[G3Mod] Show off :>

Now I’ve made a fancy banner! 8D

Hello, I just wanted to show you my Gamemode im working on…

Its called G3Mod, im kind off far away from done.

Story: First off, you start with a class. The first class is Gunslinger. You have to level up by killing opponents. Each level gives you a new class. You can change class back’n’forth. Each class will have its own weapon which you can use advantage off.

Heres a picture of the current HUD I have.
(This picture gets updated about everyday, so check it out sometimes.)

Any tip would help!
Like ~ Weapons, Classes, Models, Ideas, SWEP links, HUD Improvement.

Current Classes: Gunslinger, Assassin, Warrior
Removed Mage because I had no weapons for the class.

Classes Info:

***** Gunslinger: The first class, the only thing he has, is 2 weapons. 1 Glock, and 1 Fiveseven.
***** Assassin: The most silent class you can find, you cannot hear his footsteps, he got a knife, which he can become invisible with for 10 seconds, he cannot attack while invisible.
***** Warrior: The strongest class, he got a axe which he can swing at his opponent.

I do not have a server for this gamemode.

Umm… How interesting?

Huhu, working on it for 2 days now : D

Make the hud a bit nicer. Try spacing out the text and using rounded boxes for the health. Make the attacks and weapons very graphically appealing with effects.

If this is your first gamemode, excellent work.

It certenaly is my first Gamemode! :smiley:
And thanks for the critisism, I’ll get onto it right away! :smiley:


Updated the image.

Now a little better HUD :>

(Thanks Molested!) 8D

Not to be a prick but what is the difference between this and some generic Deathmatch gamemode? The best thing you could do right now is work with FRETTA and create a collection of gamemodes, CTF/DM/TDM

No wonder the image loaded slowly and backwards

Sorry, thats my own site xD
Imageshack loaded so slowly so I just went to my own site to upload it faster… xD
And about the BMP part, 1 Word: Lol. xD

@Alex What is FRETTA?

Also, this will have its own classes… Thats the part I like about it.


Now its a PNG cause ur whining :<

I think it’s pretty good for a first gamemode… looks a bit like my first one. Hell the HUD looks identical. I think in the HUD you should add a separate background to the health bar. Also, make sure you’re using a power of 2 for the ‘roundness’ of your rounded boxes or it looks a bit messed up at the corners, like it does now. Anyway it looks coolio for a first gamemode.

It’s his first gamemode, give him a break.

I’m trying to give him a break by telling him about Fretta which is what he wants to do. It’d be alot easier and it’d accomplish what he wants his gamemode to.

Okay, Im back, Fixed the HUD.
Updated Picture in first post, Check it out! :smiley:

It is a improvement, but could still be better.

Try something like that.

The HP is set to 100 Max, I dont want 1000 max hp o_o

That was the alpha hud for gamemode I am making, it is only a example.

Are you making a Gamemode? ^^

Yes, several :ohdear:

Hey, you know how I can save everyones Level and Class? xD

Okay, time for a bump 8D

For future reference, only bump if it has gone past a 24 hour period.

Oh :s
Haha sorry for that :stuck_out_tongue:


Updated, and added classes info.

Please give me tips for classes, and weapons!
(If you got a SWEP that would also help!)